Winter Warm Up

There is no denying…. For the majority of us, it’s pretty darn cold out there and there is only so much Netflix you can watch before your kids get stir crazy. Here are some fun activities that will warm you up, while keeping your kids engaged and learning:

  • Build a blanket fort – What’s cozier than grabbing all your blankets and setting up a fort? Better yet, make some s’mores and hot chocolate (see below for a fun recipe!) and eat them under the tent like you are camping in the great outdoors!

  • Do some KID YOGA! Yep, you heard us right. Studies have shown that having children practice yoga show fewer signs up anxiety and mood swings. Turn up the temp in the living room and try these “Frozen” inspired yoga moves for kids.


  • Make some yummy hot chocolate – Who doesn’t like chocolate, especially when it makes you feel all toasty on the inside? Find a unique take on the classic recipe hereYou can also make a (non-edible) hot chocolate experiment using an easy to find household item!


  • Hot vs. Cold – Learn about the effects of temperature with this food coloring experiment.


  • Learn all about how heat conduction works! Not only will it keep you warm, you’ll also get to see first hand how heat applies to different objects.  bl


Need another idea? Check out our one-time and bundle kits here to get your kids off the screens, while having fun and learning at the same time!