The Gift You Wish Existed When You Were a Kid…


We’ve all had that panicked moment when we glance at the calendar and realize that the holidays are already here! Where did the year go? While the holidays are a special time for family bonding, delicious meals, and traditions, they also mean the stress of wanting to find the perfect gift to express your love. This is something that actually inspired us to start Surprise Ride. We wanted to find something special to give to our nephews, but found all of the toys in stores to be lacking. We designed Surprise Ride to inspire and enrich two of our favorite family members well beyond the holidays. Here’s why Surprise Ride is the gift you wish existed when you were a kid…

Remember those bazillion questions swarming in your head when you were a kid?

Why is the sky blue? How do lizards stick to the ceiling? Where does pizza come from? Who’s this Picasso guy I keep hearing about? With Surprise Ride, we set out to get questions like these answered! We believe kids are brilliant, and we teach them something new in every box. We present the information in a fun way so kids are learning while they play! You may even be shocked to learn a thing or two. Did you know that every 37 seconds an airplane takes off or lands in the U.S.? Yup, one is about to land… right… now! Or that bees can carry over 122 times their body weight? Fun surprise facts like these are jam-packed into every box. #staycurious

Did you wish you had more things to talk to Grandma Harriet or Uncle Bob about? The crickets are chirping

Surprise Ride connects families, even from a distance. As aunts, we struggled with ways to stay connected to our nephews. We designed Surprise Ride to spark conversations between grandparents/aunts/uncles/older siblings and kids. Want to know how to guarantee a monthly phone call, Skype session, or hand-written note from your favorite little one? Send kids a fun surprise from you in their name every month! 

Toys are cool for about a minute. The Surprise Ride experience last for months or years. 

A video game or new doll can only entertain a kid for so long. With Surprise Ride, each activity takes at least a few hours, and often a couple of days. The book can be read over and over again until a child’s imagination is soaring with ideas. Why settle for a gift that fades a few minutes after the initial unwrapping thrill when you can get the gift that keeps on giving?

The dreaded words: “Batteries not included” 

Noooooooo! There’s nothing worse than an excited child opening a gift only to realize that it requires AA batteries (or an elusive C?) and you forgot to pick some up at the store. With Surprise Ride, we wanted to eliminate any of those awful waits we experienced in our childhoods! Every box comes with all the items you need down to extra paint, batteries, glue, or a disposable apron so you make sure Grandma’s sweater stays clean. 

You got the same toy as me? You did too? Oh…

Surprise Ride is cool because it’s innovative and unique! Sure, you could give your favorite little one the same toy as everyone else… but if you really wanna be a hero, sign them up for something that’ll have all their friends saying “Ooooh, I wish I got that!” 

Donna & Rosy
Founders of Surprise Ride


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