How Three Families are Using Surprise Ride as a Homeschool Resource

“Homeschool” is an easy word to say but, as we’re learning here at Surprise Ride, it has so many meanings! As we mentioned in our last blog post, more than 10% of Surprise Ride survey respondents are using Surprise Ride as a homeschool resource. Families make the decision to homeschool for a wide variety of reasons, and also develop their curriculum in many different ways.

To learn more, we recently spoke with three mothers using Surprise Ride as a part of their homeschool program, and we’re sharing their stories here.

Susan from Tennessee
Susan is a mother of six and is currently homeschooling three children. She develops her own curriculum and decided to homeschool her children to meet the needs of their individual learning styles. She uses Surprise Ride as a break from the regular curriculum, and chooses to avoid the major homeschool conventions so she has time to do her own research and carefully find and analyze her materials.

“We loved the gold rush and probably used it for curriculum for two weeks, reading the book that came with it, and we went to the library and found another book on the subject. The topics are really useful as a springboarding into a topic that we expand on.”

Jackie from California
Jackie’s son is 11 years old and he has been homeschooled since day one. Jackie’s family chooses homeschool because she likes the flexibility, and she uses Surprise Ride as a supplement to his work because of the range topics, such as the history of the gold rush.

“I love your philosophy, and my son just loves it. He knows about what time it is delivered every month and asks ‘Is my Surprise Ride here yet’?”

Jackie works closely with a local charter school on curriculum and resources. She also meets with an educational specialist regularly. Jackie even told the education specialist at her partner school so she can share the ideas with other families.

Susan from North Carolina
Susan and her husband have two adult graduates of homeschool. During her kids teen years, they encouraged their parents to foster children. Today, Susan and her husband are homeschool parents once again to two children they adopted. Fourth time’s a charm! Susan appreciates the major homeschool conventions and has found some great resources for her curriculum at them.

“I love it because we can get the boxes and do everything around the monthly topic. We move off of the kit and add our own exercises.”