The Best Activity Kits for Summer!

And just like that, summer is “unofficially” here! The temps are getting warmer, the pools are open, and school breaks for a few months. To help equip yourself when you hear those magical words, “I’m bored!” or when you need to give your kids a break from the technology, we want to share our favorite activity kits that are perfect for the season.


Quintessentially the best activity kit to try out this summer, our Under the Sea activity allows you to get to explore the depths of the oceans and learn all about what makes up more than 70% of the Earth’s surface! You’ll also make a paint a frame and decorate it with REAL seashells, perfect to keep your favorite summer memories alive all year long!

Shop the Under the Sea Activity Kit, $25.95 here. 


Arrrrgh! We’re bursting with excitement to try this activity kit this summer. Full of fun, our Paint a Pirate’s Chest activity teaches you all about the history of pirates, and even how to spot buried treasure! Complete with jewels and gold paint, you will decorate your very own treasure chest, which may or may not include some hidden treasures inside!

Shop the Paint a Treasure Chest Activity Kit, $25.95 here


At first glance, the sand in this kit may feel a lot like the what you see at the beach, but soon, you’ll find out they’re a worlds of difference from each other! Beyond that, you get to learn all about the famous Red Planet of our solar system and have some quality, old school fun while doing it!

Shop the Experiment with Mars Sand Activity Kit, $25.95 here

No matter which activity or science kit you choose, we hope you enjoy exploring and learning something new this summer! Be sure to share your adventures with us by using #SurpriseRideSummer on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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