Super Bowl Fun for Kids

We’ve got our famous dip ready… we’ve picked our team to beat, but do think your 5 year old will really be able to spend 4+ hours in front of the television this Sunday? (The answer is probably not.) Lucky for you, we have a few fun ideas that can get your little ones away from the screen while still celebrating that day in spirit.

  • Get in the spirit – Eagerly awaiting the game to start? Kick off your pre-game by getting in the spirit with decorations. It can be as simple as using a few sheets of paper and having everyone create a sign to use to cheer on their team! If you’re feeling extra brave, you can bring out the face paint for a serious dose of fun.


  • Find It! – This is something that could seriously distract your kids for hours. Use a mini-football or other football-themed item and start with the smallest kid hiding it somewhere. The person that finds it is the next person to hide it and so on.


  • Word search galore – What kid doesn’t love a fun word search themed to the day? Print out this fun word search fit for any football fan. (Younger ones can use these coloring sheets, too!)



  • Pin the football on the goal post – Similarly to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” use a some painters tape to create a goal post on a large wall with a lot of empty space around it. You can create tiny footballs with paper and put some painters tape on the back of it. Then, just like the original, you blindfold someone and the closest to the “goal” wins!


  • Commercial Bingo – Okay, we admit… this does have some TV involved, but if you are going to watch those commercials (and we know you are), might as well make it interactive! Print out this fun Commercial Bingo Game to play along.


  • Scavenger Hunt – Similar to the find it game, but if you are really feeling motivated, this could be a fun one for both kids and adults to take part in. You can be super creative and come up with your own, or Play Party Plan has an awesome version with free printables.



  • Create your own football – Now this one sounds fun! From Raising Little Superheroes, you can make a lifesize (or bigger) football using items that can be found in your pantry or leftover craft drawer. Find the full list of instructions here.

  • Did someone say… Photo booth?! – Whether it’s your family gathering for the big game, or a whole squad, there is nothing more fun that making a simple photo booth. Plus you’ll have fun memories you can share after! We found some fun printables, or you can make your own.


  • Make your very own Tom Brady – Well, sort of. (Sorry mamas!) Thanks to Mommyapolis, your little one can create their very own sports superstar with just construction paper, crayons, and glue sticks. Check it out here.


  • Mix in a little math (shhh, we won’t tell!) – Sometimes when you combine the fun of sports with a “game,” it’s fun with a secret layer of math underneath. Check out these fun printables below: