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Hands-on Activity Kits to
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Each kit comes with all project supplies, a book and a collectible item to unplug & discover science, art and culture together.

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For your first Surprise Ride delivery...
Blast off to planet Mars.

Experiment with the
Mars Sand Science Kit

Become an astronaut while you experiment with the properties of sand from the dusty, rocky planet of Mars.

Continue the fun with the included National Geographic Mars book filled with real space photos, planet jokes and fun facts.

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Perform a Magic Show
Activity Kit
Design a Super Cape
Activity Kit
Paint a Birdhouse
Activity Kit

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Peek Inside

Surprise Ride kits are hand-picked with love. Each kit includes:

Everything you need to complete an awesome hands-on activity

Step-by-step photo instructions

Unique full photo book for continued learning

Keepsake collectible item