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The Digital Detox Collection

Get ready to disconnect and reconnect with hours of unplugged creativity and learning!

Paint a Birdhouse Activity Kit

Spread your wings wide and get ready to fly to the fascinating world of birds!

Make a Penguin Pillow Kit

Warm up your engines and get ready to explore the fascinating world of penguins...

Build & Paint a Volcano Kit

Get ready to blast off into the spectacular world of volcanoes!

Design a Superhero Cape Kit

Have you ever dreamt you could fly? Travel through time? Read your best friend's mind? Superheroes can do all this and more!

Paint a Pirate's Chest Kit

Did you know that some people spend their entire lives hunting for lost treasures?

Experiment with Mars Sand Kit

Imagine what it would be like to travel to one of the other planets... Get ready to blast off to planet Mars!

Make Monster Slime Science Kit

Welcome to the weird world of monsters. It's so fun, it's scary!

Build Beeswax Candles Kit

Discover why bees are so buzz-worthy with hands-on fun that teaches the un-"bee"-lievable impact of these little creatures!

Build a Dinosaur Science Kit

Get ready to travel back millions of years to the Age of the Reptiles!

Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

Step into the Surprise Ride lab as we explore... the moon!

Magic Trick Kit

Create your own magic show complete with tricks, playing cards, showmanship tips, and lots of fun extras!