Sailing-Turk’s Head Knot Bracelet

Ahoy Sailors! Once you’ve become a knot master, it’s time for a true challenge: The Turk’s Head Knot Bracelet. This bracelet has strong ties to the sailing lifestyle. It’s also a summer tradition, as people put it on in warm weather and wear it constantly (even in the water!) until they have to cut it off in Autumn.

Using your bracelet weaving cord, follow the video or the printable instructions to create your bracelet. It’s a complicated weave, so don’t get discouraged if it takes several attempts to perfect! Make sure you pause after you make the initial loop- this is the only time to adjust size and make sure it’ll fit over your hand.

Now let’s set sail on your next knot-ical adventure!

Nautical-knotbraceletplaybutton (3)


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