Review: “A Lucky Lady Bug”

Review from “A Lucky Lady Bug” Blog:

The newest monthly club I was asked to review is Surprise Ride.  “Through carefully curated monthly activities, Surprise Ride aims to foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons. With a little hands-on learning and a lot of fun, we help kids exercise that special power of creative genius that empowers them to be tomorrow’s innovators. There’s no better way for kids to learn than by doing. There’s no better time than when they’re young and absorbing experiences like a sponge.”10265424_486864914792022_3074834972290925000_o

We planted a separate set of flowers in the bowl and put our grass guy into a Styrofoam container which we were going to throw away.  I loved that this even came with snacks and the book to read on top of all the craft supplies.  The boys were very happy with this one and honestly enjoyed every part of it.

Recommendation:  I think this was both a fun and educational box that is on a great path to keep kids having fun while learning.  I thought that the amount of supplies packed into the box was well worth it although this is on the pricier end of monthly subscription boxes.

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