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Review on “I Love My Kids” Blog

Every parent dreads the phrase “I’m bored!”  Usually this phrase is uttered by my children in the whiniest voice possible, when I have just started cleaning, cooking, or taking care of another child.  I have come to learn that when children say they are bored, many times they want to learn something new.  They want a different type of activity and don’t know how to create it for themselves.  Kids are naturally curious and want to explore, and children learn best through play and creative exploration.  I try to keep a supply of activities and sensory learning tools on hand for boredom moments, but with a brand new baby, I was at my wits end trying to come up with activities to keep my kids learning.

Surprise Ride

When I was introduced to Surprise Ride, I knew it would be a great tool against those whiny, bored moments.  Surprise Ride was created by two sisters that struggled to find gifts for their nephews that fostered creative play.  They developed Surprise Ride as a full sensory, creative play experience for children ages 6-11.

Surprise Ride Box

Each box is full of themed activities, materials full of information, and a healthy snack.  Each Surprise Ride creates a perfect unit study.  In a unit study, a topic is not only read about, but learners use multiple avenues to interact with the topic.  With crafts, fun facts, toys that foster imaginative play, and snacks, children are able to become immersed in the topic.  This type of learning has been shown to increase knowledge retention and can lead to further curiosity on the topic.

Opening Box

Our box’s theme was POW-WOW and we learned all about Native American culture.  Inside we found:

The materials to make a dream-catcher, the materials to create a tribal drum, a rattle, a slide whistle, a worry stone, a booklet teaching us about each item and Native American culture, Pop’d Kerns (These were really delicious; I may have sneaked a few from the kids), and a North American Indian Activity Book

My daughter had a great time creating her very own dream catcher.  She needed a little guidance, but loved designing it herself.

Making Dream Catcher

My children worked together to assemble the tribal drum and held an impromptu powwow on the porch with the drum, slide whistle, and the rattle.  It rained shortly after the powwow, so maybe they successfully did a rain dance.

In the booklet, we were encouraged to come up with Native American names based on activities and animals that we liked.  Over the next couple of days, my children would come up with new names for themselves and each family member, based on the activities we were doing.

Even though Surprise Ride is designed for children ages 6-11, my children (ages 3 & 5) were interested and played for over 2 hours.  Each item in the box was made of high quality materials and was built to be played with and explored.  I loved that we were able to spend a whole afternoon exploring together without them ever asking to watch television or play with my phone.  My children have asked more questions about Native Americans, and we’ve continued to learn about their culture.

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