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The very word “surprise” conjures up all kinds of positive and fun images so naming a company Surprise Ride is quite insightful! Who doesn’t love a surprise? I know I do but my kids definitely love them even more than me. When the Surprise Ride Activity Box came in the mail, my four year old daughter Paige immediately tore it open and pulled out everything inside.


She was confused about why there were regular things in there like a bowl and cup. I showed her the included card that showed the two activities and explained that we were going to use them to make some fun things. This box had everything we needed to make a Plant Buddy and a Wind Chime.

Paige decided to make the Plant Buddy first. I loved that the included card had very simple instructions starting with a list on the left of everything you’d need and then numbered instructions on what to do. I named all the things we’d need and Paige had fun pulling them out of the box and setting them up in front of her. We were ready to go!


Everything you need is in the box except for the water we added. There were seven steps that were really simple and Paige did each one herself as I read them to her.

I helped her with using the rubber bands to create the ears and nose but Paige did the rest, including naming her new plant buddy Foofa! We used some of the mosaic tiles from the second project for the mouth and eyebrows.


Paige had so much fun making her plant buddy but she wasn’t done yet! After soaking it in water, we put it in a window so Foofa could grow some hair. Two days later after watering, Foofa had a new hairdo!

Paige had made a mistake putting in the grass seeds and stirred them up a bit so Foofa had some facial hair to go along with her head of hair but that’s ok! It was all about the creating and taking care of Foofa. I liked that Paige had to remember to water her and be responsible for her care and well being. She used her creativity and imagination when creating her and then had to learn some responsibility in caring for her.

Paige is my crafty child and my six year old Reed said he had no interest in doing it. As soon as he saw the completed project though, he was upset that he didn’t do it. Luckily thanks to the included Green Thumb card that had “Surprise Facts” I learned that you can use coffee grounds as a fertilizer to help plants grow so I figured I’d use it to make a second plant buddy with Reed. Everything used to make the Plant Buddy I had in my house except the eyeballs so we just had to improvise on that.

The second project included in the box was making a Wind Chime. This was much simpler and faster but Paige still enjoyed letting her creative juices flow when making the pattern and putting it together.



We even found the perfect place to hang it on her little playhouse outside.


I loved how organized Surprise Ride‘s activity box was. They literally thought of everything in the essentials for creating the two projects and even included some extra’s like a solar powered dancing insect, garden spray bottle to take care of Foofa and other plants, seeds, a book and a snack!

I was so impressed with Surprise Ride. Could you do this yourself since most of these things are found in your home? Sure, but the question is, would you? In all honesty, I would not. Motherhood is such a busy season of life that I will take all the convenience and help I can get! My kids loved this box and I love the idea of a new one coming every month with crafts to do that encourage creativity, responsibility and the pride that comes with accomplishment!

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