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Review by “The Binder Ladies” blog

Surprise Ride is just that, a surprise!  These amazing monthly boxes were founded by sisters who truly enjoyed their childhood with their father, and all the things they did with him. They are now making this happen for children all over!  Family togetherness, education, creativity and fun make up each of these unique boxes. Every Mom or Dad can respect their three basic principles:
1. Kids are brilliant.
2. Curiosity fuels success.
3. Everyone loves getting a surprise in the mail.

I, (Mandy), was sent a Surprise Ride Penguin Box to check out and review.  Now I’ll be the first to admit, my kids get bored easily. Especially now when the weather is wet and cold, and their mom (myself) is afraid of the flu season. So what happens? They lose interest in being creative and energetic quickly, so I needed something to help feed their creativity fast!

Surprise Ride contends that this is a “monthly box of adventure.” I’ll have to agree! This month was March of the Penguins! A full length National Geographic book gave so much information and an exclusive inside look at how penguins live and all about their environment,  while a two page information booklet gave you all kinds of neat facts on penguins!  The boys loved learning about these neat, arctic creatures, and continued to ask questions while being enthralled with the answers that the book gave us.  It was really fun reading these together, as a family.

But that wasn’t the only neat thing; it came with SNOW! Now, our weather here in Washington keeps teasing us with chances of snow, but it just won’t follow through. So when I told my kids that we should play in snow, they went running to the back door…surprise, no snow. When I explained the process of how we were going to MAKE snow, they still looked outside! It wasn’t until I had all of the ingredients laid out, that they fully grasped what we were actually doing; were going to MAKE SNOW! It was so neat to watch it grow and fluff up! The boys exclaimed loudly in unison, “Wow!!” They really liked touching it and playing with it, too.  As a mom, I’m really iffy with products like this, especially if they smell like chemicals. However, the snow didn’t have a smell! It was completely safe and non toxic, and that spoke a lot to my motherhood. The box also came with white Crayola modeling clay, in addition to a penguin pencil (the kind you pop off the top to reveal a new sharpened pencil), a modeling stick, instructions on how to build the perfect igloo, and a white cap that you use as a model for your igloo. We were able to cut the clay in half (one for each boy) and they played with the clay for hours! In fact, they are somewhere else in the house now, as I write this review, still playing with their modeling clay. The winter tray was adorable with a penguin’s picture adorning the front, and we used it with the snow! The kids were able to dig in with their hands in the snow, rather than reach in a glass one by one. This made for quite the mess, but the snow is surprisingly easy to clean up!
One neat treat to the box, was a popcorn ball. Now, I was super stoked to try a bite of this ball, especially since the Popcorn Factory made it, however, my kids ate the entire thing…in the middle of the night. By morning, they were excited to tell me how delicious it was. No shame.

One of the most amazing things that I would have NEVER thought of finding in our Surprise Ride Box was a fleece pillow DIY kit! It’s kind of like a tied fleece blanket, only a pillow! I really wanted to try this with the kids, but I got a little craft happy. While the boys were slumbering quietly, I put the pillow together and couldn’t believe how easy it was! Revenge for eating my popcorn ball, perhaps?  My oldest son LOVES this pillow, and he now refuses to sleep without it. He loves how soft it is, and especially loves the penguin on the front, since he’s now been educated in the life of penguins!

This box was truly an amazing experience, and we were left with the reminisce of a snowy Winter around penguins! It fed my kid’s imaginations, and fueled their minds for more learning! What I loved was that I could teach them, while I learned about some really fun stuff, myself.  It was so much fun! I am going to personally sign up for these monthly kits, and I know the boys are going to LOVE getting their surprises in the mail!  Prices are definitely worth the materials that are sent, because they are FULL of great products with a month’s worth of imagination, exploring and education.  I highly recommend these boxes! Not only Surprise Ride boxes creative genius, they are boxes full of learning, which makes it an amazing adventure, indeed.

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