Tips from A Shark: How to Sell On QVC


Segments from this post were originally featured on USA Today.

We are so excited to announce we will be LIVE on QVC with Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary, Tuesday, July 24th at 9pm ET (set a reminder now or join our Facebook event!)

This is something we’ve been working towards since our days on the Tank and can’t believe we’re finally here! If you’ve ever dreamt of selling something on the magical network of QVC, there is one Shark that definitely has the low down on home shopping – Lori Greiner. If you’re not familiar, she started off making her millions in the 90s on HSN, selling jewelry organizers and savvy home decor. She’s famous for bringing some amazing Tank products to market, including the Scrub Daddy and Simply Fit Board. So when it came to getting ourselves in the QVC door, we took some tips from Lori herself:

  1. Find a product that solves a problem. – There’s an immediate need for products that solve problems, particularly household goods and appliances. As busy people, we’re constantly looking to making day to day tasks like cleaning less of a hassle, so anything that provides a practical solution that really hasn’t been thought of before can be a guaranteed winner.
  2. Do your market research. – This is crucial. To test the potential success of your product, you need to get it out there. And before you think that “market research” needs to be done in some fancy lab, you’re wrong. “I went up to people in different types of neighborhoods,” Lori says. “They answered basic questions: Do you like this? Would you pay for this?”
  3. You don’t need a finished product. – When Lori initially started in the 90s, she showed buyers a prototype of her earring organizer. Once they signed on, they began making the product.
  4. Know your selling points. – You have only mere minutes to show them what your product is on air, so it’s important to know your selling points frontwards and backward. Sometimes if there is a call in, you have to think on your toes and be up for whatever is asked.
  5. Have a passion for your product. – Beyond anything, the best selling products are those that have passionate people behind them that believe the product fills a void. Use that in any aspect of talking about a potential business and it will lead you down great paths.

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