Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit
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Build a Model Moon Activity Kit



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One small set of step-by-step instructions, one giant leap for young minds!

Using the classic molding material Plaster of Paris, young astronomers will have a blast building their own, amazing model of the moon, complete with realistic craters and painted with authentic colors.

Meanwhile, explore beyond the instructions to discover all kinds of out-of-this-world moon facts, fun jokes, plus a short story about Josh's spaceship malfunction.

Kids will be over the moon with the educational excitement!

Discover a new appreciation for that giant rock in the sky with the Surprise Ride Build a Model Moon Activity Kit.

Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit
  • Build a model of the moon while learning fun moon facts!
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, creativity, an interest in astronomy
  • Step-by-step photo instructions make it easy to create a realistic model of the moon
  • Book features fun facts, jokes, an exciting short story
  • Includes all required materials plus a custom book, a fun keepsake, parent guide, kid-friendly learning materials
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional craft-and-learn experience

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 11/7/2018
    Manufactured In Multiple Countries
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 5 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #754

    4.54 out of 5.00 based on 13 reviews.

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    I loved the idea of this product. I thought my craft loving space obsessed 5 year old daughter would be excited, too. Unfortunately, the pieces included in the kit were just too subpar. The "moon stand" was a plain lightweight paper bowl. As she attempted to lay her plaster pieces on the inflated balloon, the stand would constantly tip over - making the process frustrating. The stand couldn't handle the varying weight of the plaster. The gloves included were adult size and she could not use them. The paint containers - little light weight plastic bowls - and the poor quality brush included did not lend itself to creating a quality piece. Great idea - but the contents are very cheap (I could have put together a better kit going to a local craft store). Certainly not worth the money. I am disappointed not only in the cheapness of the contents, but also feel bad that I purchased something so "disposable" and wasteful.

    Reena - 05/26/2022

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    This is not necessarily a "play" toy, so the question regarding frequency of playing with doesn't really apply. However, I purchased this gift for my neighbor's 5 year-old grandson, he loved it and so did his 8 year-old brother!

    - 10/26/2021

    Fun model building kit

    My 5 year old received this as a gift and was very excited to do it. At 5, she needed some help, but enjoyed working on the model. Our box included a small, purple squishy ball toy that we weren't sure what it was for as it's not mentioned anywhere on the contents/instructions. There was also some confusion if we were supposed to do something special with the paint as the directions say to "follow the directions on the paint tube" and there are none-just had her paint the model as she liked-we'll see how it turns out! Great read along book to go with the kit and the plaster strips made things very easy to assemble!

    JR mom - 04/28/2021

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    It doesn't glow in the dark & isn't really sturdy enough to "play" with. Would have loved to have the option to purchase a little astronaut to use.

    Susan Confehr - 04/17/2021

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    Made a space obsessed boy very happy! He opened it right away.

    Viviana Hedrick - 08/19/2020

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    I gave this as a gift to my friend's five year old for her birthday. She wanted to build it right away!

    Lauren Polak - 07/31/2020

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    The kit was amazing! My daughter loved building the moon. The kit has great high quality materials that were fun and easy to use.

    Joseph Irizarry - 06/07/2020

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    I sent this to my 5 year old grandson for his birthday and he loves it. He also got an astronaut suit and a rocket it all went together perfectly! Thanks for having awesome things!

    Carla Regelman-Driggers - 04/18/2020

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Model Moon Activity Kit

    I purchased this item for my 6 year old niece and we both had a great time building the moon model and reviewing the other items provided in the kit. I don't believe it is stated in the item description on the website, but the kit does include two balloons and enough materials to make more than one model. This item helps children to develop motor skills, and is a good item to promote interest in astronomy and science. I really try to get my niece toys with a STEM focus when I can. The book that is included in the kit has great pictures, interesting facts, a nice story, and a quiz at the very end. I was unaware at the time I ordered the time, but my niece had already taken an interest in learning about space, so the timing worked out great!

    - 09/29/2019