Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame
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Create a Seashell Photo Frame



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Explore the wonders of the wold's oceans through the simple fun of creativity!

Step-by-step photo instructions make it easy for kids to decorate the included picture frame with the perfect arrangement of beautiful seashells.

Meanwhile, beyond the instructions are all kinds of amazing photos, a fascinating short story, plus an astonishing collection of mesmerizing facts.

Kids can't wait to take a trip to the beach to put their new knowledge into context and take photos to display in the picture frame!

Celebrate the magic of our wondrous world with the Surprise Ride Create a Seashell Photo Frame kit.

Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame
  • Decorate a picture frame that will hold a 3"x5" photo with real seashells while learning about ocean life
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, a passion for learning
  • Celebrate the wonders of our world's oceans!
  • Book features short story, fun facts, amazing photos
  • Includes all required supplies plus custom book, a fun keepsake, kid-friendly learning materials
  • High quality materials - Exceptional create-and-learn experience

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 11/7/2018
    Manufactured In Multiple Countries
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 5 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #534

    4.89 out of 5.00 based on 18 reviews.

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    Super fun project to learn about the sea and then create a custom frame afterwards. My daughter and I did this together and it was great bonding. Now she wants to change the picture in the frame every day! I will definitely be buying more products.

    Sean Lucas - 04/11/2022

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    I bought theses for my five year old great nephew and three year old niece. They couldn't wait to get started at 7:00am the next morning! Their mom is a first grade teacher, and said she loved the entire box and all of the activities. It made learning fun!

    Tamra Gory - 03/22/2022

    Excellent Christmas Gift for my 5 year old grandaughter. Several hours of nenjoyable arts & crafts activity and very happy with the result.- Create a Seashell Photo Frame.

    An excellent arts & craft gift that kept my 5 year old grandaughter engaged for several hours and had a lovely and beautiful outcome.

    Michael Heidt - 01/16/2022

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    Play value: This was a project vs a toy We got this for our 5 year old granddaughter to make as a Christmas present for her parents. The kit was great, including everything needed for the project. We split the project into 2 sessions. (1) She handled the painting part well. (2) She did a great job with the shell design. She got BORED with having to hold each shell for so 20 seconds to get each one to bond and some were downright tricky to get to adhere; she asked for help to get them all glued on. The completed frame is mantle worthy but, at least for us, the project was a little beyond our granddaughter's skill set. She likes playing with the toy shark; it got added to an "imagination" game she frequently plays. This child is normally a book addict, however the book and the info on the different shells, the nature info part of the kit, didn't catch her interest at all.

    Janice Maddock - 01/10/2022

    My granddaughter loved it!

    My granddaughter loves crafts. Making a picture frame she could use made it especially fun.

    Vickie l Lancaster - 12/12/2021

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    I sent this as a birthday gift the recipient was so excited to use it! They can't wait to put a picture in from our beach vacation :)

    Jenni Marie - 08/19/2021

    We purchased this for our 7 year old granddaughters birthday. She couldn't wait to make it! Thank you, Fat Brain Toys for making educational toys and for toys that create lasting memories! We would purchase this again, she had so much fun creating with this kit!

    Jean - 07/07/2021

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    I purchased 2 of these shell frame kits for my 5 and 6 year old granddaughters for Easter. After decorating eggs, they each decorated their shell frames. The paint was easy to apply and dried quickly. The shells glued on easily and each took their new frame home to use. I marked these as "rarely plays with it" only because they are picture frames with glass photo covers and they aren't meant to be played with buy viewed and enjoyed as a memory of a fun time making the frame and for the memory of the photo. I think this is a great gift and was well received by both my granddaughters and their parents.

    Vickie Gorley - 04/16/2021

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    Made well and lots of fun to make.

    Ann Cooperberg - 03/05/2021

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    great toy for the little ones in the house

    JOHN DIBLASI - 12/05/2020

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    My niece recently spent the week on her 1st adventure at the ocean. This "DIY" seashell-themed picture frame was the perfect project for her complete, lots of fun and imagination went into putting it together. I love that she'll put one of her 1st memories of being at the ocean in her seashell frame that she made.

    Evelyn Yamamoto - 11/01/2020

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Create a Seashell Photo Frame

    The "play value" question doesn't really apply as it is not really a toy. She loved making/decorating the frame and is very proud of it. It makes a great gift!

    Sharon Ellis - 08/18/2020