Surprise Ride - Build a Dinosaur Science Kit
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Build a Dinosaur Science Kit



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Prehistoric dinosaurs come to life through your own creativity!

Uncover the dinosaur fossils (flexible building pipes and connectors) and then follow the step-by-step photo instructions to turn them into an amazing dinosaur display.

Meanwhile, creativity becomes a mesmerizing learning experience as kids explore the full-color book, filled with fascinating facts, a riveting short story, and fun jokes.

There's even a dinosaur fossil friend who's happy to tag along!

Get hands-on with the wonders of paleontology with the Surprise Ride Build a Dinosaur Science Kit.

Surprise Ride - Build a Dinosaur Science Kit
  • Build a dinosaur display using flexible pipes and connectors while learning about paleontology!
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, scientific exploration
  • Travel millions of years back in time with the power of creativity
  • Instruction book features a fun short story, funny jokes, amazing facts about dinosaurs
  • Includes all required materials plus custom book, dinosaur fossil collectible, parent guide, kid-friendly learning materials
  • High quality materials - Exceptional build-and-learn experience

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    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 5 years
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    My Review of Surprise Ride - Build a Dinosaur Science Kit

    It was exciting and challenging. Very thought provoking for my grandson.

    Lisa Heiser - 12/26/2018