Surprise Ride - Make Monster Slime Science Kit
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Make Monster Slime Science Kit



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Become a mad scientist and and create your own slime monster!

Everything you need is included (plus a few things you didn't think you'd need) to mix and make a mesmerizing green substance that oozes and goozes beautifully.

The included screw-top container lets you keep the goopy glop fresh while goofy googly eyes add the perfect touch of creative character.

Meanwhile, an illustrated short story, frightening facts about real monsters, and fun jokes throughout the included book turn crafting into learning into inspiration for endless exploration.

There's even a plush monster friend who's always happy to tag along!

Real science becomes frighteningly fun when kids start exploring the Surprise Ride Make Monster Slice Science Kit.

Surprise Ride - Make Monster Slime Science Kit
  • Create goopy monster slime while learning about chemistry!
  • Encourages scientific learning, exploration, experimentation, creativity
  • An ideal starter kit for future mad scientists
  • Use included materials to mix and make a goopy green substance
  • Book features illustrated short story, frightening facts about monsters from around the world, fun jokes
  • Includes all required supplies plus monster plush collectible, custom book, parent guide, kid-friendly learning materials
  • High quality materials - Exceptional make-and-learn experience

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  • Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 11/7/2018
    Manufactured In United States
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 5 years
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