Surprise Ride - Experiment with Hydrophobic Sand Science Kit
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Experiment with Hydrophobic Sand Science Kit



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Send your imagination on a mission to Mars!

For as long as we've been gazing at it through our telescopes, humans have been imagining and wondering just what visiting Mars would really be like.

With this kit, kids get to pretend they're on a mission to Mars as they experiment with the out-of-this-world properties of hydrophobic sand!

Meanwhile, the included book is packed with amazing Martian facts, profiles of famous astronauts and cosmonauts, plus plenty of planetary jokes to share with your friends.

Send your young space cadet's imagination rocketing into orbit with the Surprise Ride Experiment with Hydrophobic Sand Science Kit.

Surprise Ride - Experiment with Hydrophobic Sand Science Kit
  • Explore the amazing properties of hydrophobic sand while learning fun facts and funny jokes!
  • Encourages exploration, experimentation, an interest in space, geology, and astronomy
  • A fascinating adventure for future astronomers!
  • Experiment with hydrophobic sand - Develop the scientific skills you'll need to become a real astronaut
  • Book features profiles of famous astronauts, fascinating facts, planetary jokes
  • Includes all required supplies plus custom book, a fun keepsake, parent guide, kid-friendly learning materials
  • High quality materials - Exceptional learning experience

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 11/14/2018
    Manufactured In Multiple Countries
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 5 years
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    4.50 out of 5.00 based on 2 reviews.

    My Review of Surprise Ride - Experiment with Hydrophobic Sand Science Kit

    I bought this for my son's 6th birthday, and he loves it! It is very simple, so he needs little help from me to play with it. It has a few suggested "experiments," but he also just likes to experiment himself. It also comes with a little book, which he also really likes. It comes with a lot of "sand," so we still have plenty to play with. It's the perfect introduction to a science kit for this age group. Older kids might not find it as interesting. Overall, I highly recommend this kit.

    Lauren LaPietra - 09/10/2020


    We have loved all of our "Surprise Ride" boxes! We had lots of fun with this one. We did wish it was a little more relevant to Mars as my child is very into Mars lately.

    JW - 07/30/2020