Surprise Ride Founders Join Shark Tank Investor Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s “The View”

February 2018 | Surprise Ride

New York City – Surprise Ride founders Donna and Rosy Khalife, who got “a second bite of the apple” with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, joins Mr. Wonderful on Thursday, February 15, in the Big Apple for ABC’s talk show, “The View.”

Featuring Shark Tank entrepreneurs, The View will get down to business about what it takes to dream big and work smart and hard to succeed. If not the first time, then surely the second time around.

Sisters Donna, chief executive, and Rosy, chief operating officer, made news in 2013 when they appeared on Shark Tank to present Surprise Ride’s hands-on, educational project kits for children, ages 5 and up.

Back then, investor Robert Herjavec offered them $110,000 for 25% of the company, but when they didn’t accept his offer immediately to seek offers from other sharks, Herjavec then withdrew his, and they left without a deal.

The Right Opportunity

They, however, got a second chance when O’Leary showed up at their Washington, D.C., offices a few years later. His offer: $50,000 funding in return for 2.5% ownership of their company. This time, the sisters accepted.

“We missed an initial opportunity,” Donna says. “But we knew this concept was a winner and we continued to reach more and more families with our kits. Kevin followed our progress, believing in Surprise Ride’s promise. He gave us a second bite at the apple.”

Today, the company is prospering and O’Leary hand-picked Donna and Rosy to join him on The View to share their success with The View Hosts and nearly three million viewers.

“I like winners,” said O’Leary about his choice. “And I can be a tough guy, but I also like the company’s core concept of helping families spend time together without screens, and I want the millions watching to know they can do that with Surprise Ride.”

Continuing the Surprise

Staying true to their company’s name, Donna and Rosy Khalife will surprise viewers by revealing a major company announcement during their appearance on The View.

“We have an exciting project that’s been in the works for a while now, and we thought what better opportunity to announce it than on The View?” says Rosy.

After appearing on The View, the Khalifes will head to the 115th annual Toy Fair in New York City where it will debut as an exhibitor and display its first retail line.

“Think big. Work hard. It pays off. If not today, then tomorrow. Surprise Ride is proof of that,” says Donna.

About Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride delivers hands-on, science and art project kits to promote screen-free fun. Kits include all supplies for projects such as building a model moon, or painting a  birdhouse, an original book, and collectible keepsake. Founders Donna & Rosy Khalife grew up with an artist father who created fun and educational DIY activities for them. The two sisters vowed to build a company with a mission to create the same memorable moments for families. Surprise Ride has brought to market 50+ products, and has appeared on ABC’s hit shows Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank (where they received funding from Kevin O’Leary!), The View, The New York Times, Forbes, Tech.Co, Star Magazine, and Success Magazine.

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