Surprise Ride Announces New Mindfulness Product Line Live on The Set of The View

February 2018 | Surprise Ride News Release

New York City – The sisters of the Shark Tank success story, Surprise Ride, stayed true to their name on Thursday when they surprised The View hosts, and nearly 3 million viewers by announcing a new product line to help stressed-out Americans practice mindfulness.

Donna and Rosy Khalife, founders of Surprise Ride, were guests on The View alongside Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary to give a company update since receiving their investment from Mr. Wonderful. Surprise Ride’s pitch on Shark Tank and the focus of the company up until now has been kits to help kids get away from the gadgets and get more screen-free fun, such as their Build a Model Moon Science Kit.

The company, however, took on a new direction naturally. “It turns out, people of all ages are aching for a break from their devices,” says co-founder Donna Khalife. “We had adults writing to us saying they bought our kits as a stress-reliever, so we decided to launch a new line tailored to people of all ages.”

The announcement comes during a time when the discussion about screen addiction is at a peak. In January, The New York Times reported “the tech backlash has caught up to Apple,” and a new organization called The Truth About Tech, started by early Facebook and Google employees, is planning an anti-tech addiction lobbying effort with $7 million in funding. Also, according to NPR, the “World Health Organization has listed ‘gaming disorder’ as a disorder due to an addictive behavior in the next edition of the International Classification of Diseases, an internationally used diagnostic manual.”

The live audience in The  View applauded as Rosy revealed the company’s big announcement. “Starting today, these are actually going to be available to people of all ages, so adults and kids, because we all need a break!“ said Rosy. She continued, “and vacations cost literally thousands of dollars and these are 25 bucks.”

Surprise Ride’s new line of products is meant to help people incorporate a healthy relationship with technology into everyone’s personal wellness routine.  

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About Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride invents products to help people take a break from technology.  Surprise Ride’s kits include all supplies for a DIY activity, such as building a model moon, or painting a  birdhouse, an original book, and collectible keepsake. The kits were inspired by founders Donna & Rosy Khalife’s artist father who created similar fun and educational DIY activities for them growing up. The two sisters vowed to build a company with a mission and are currently leading a revolution of incorporating a healthy relationship with technology into everyone’s personal wellness routine. Surprise Ride has brought to market 50+ products, and has appeared on ABC’s hit shows Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank (where they received funding from Kevin O’Leary!), The View, The New York Times, Forbes, Tech.Co, Star Magazine, and Success Magazine.

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