Introducing The 2018 Tech Madness D.C. Bracket Finalists

February 2018 | Sam Sabin

Hey, guess what! We’re only three weeks out from our annual Tech Madness bracket reveal. Each year, the DC Inno team hosts a reader-driven bracket competition in the spirit of March Madness to drive awareness and excitement for the city’s ecosystem.

On March 6, we’ll unveil the official 2018 Tech Madness bracket at our reveal party at WeWork 80 M St SE.

Over the past few weeks, we asked our readers to submit nominations for consideration in this year’s bracket. Companies ranged in industry, growth stage and total funding. After receiving those nominations, we seed 64 private, local startups and businesses and put them head-to-head with you, our readers, voting to determine who will move on to the next matchup. It’s that simple.

DC Inno has been running this competition for a few years now, with last year’s bracket receiving a whopping 60,000 votes. So, this year, the team decided to shake things up a bit. In the past, we’ve selected 150 finalists — both private and public companies — and revealed who made the bracket at our event. This year, we’ve changed the program a bit. The companies below are definitely on our bracket, and we only pulled from private companies to even the playing field. At our reveal party, we’ll announce the seedings and match ups for round one.

Today, we’re announcing just 60 finalists. And yes, we do know that a bracket needs 64. This is intentional. Four spots have been left open to give those who didn’t make the list another shot at competing. At our reveal party on March 6, we’ll give a handful of companies an opportunity to pitch us, and an editorial team at the event will determine who will receive the last four spots.

Just like last year, DC Inno will seed the finalist companies below based on venture capital funding and other growth metrics for the bootstrapped companies listed. And an important note: Seeding isn’t an editorial judgment. We rely on funding because, well, that’s the most accessible and universal metric out there.

Finally, to determine the outcome for each matchup this year, readers will just have to answer one question — Who would you invest in? And we know that this can be interpreted in several different ways. Is this about who you think is a safer bet? Or who you think has a higher ceiling, despite the risk? Or is it about investing social capital and determining the product and mission that you’re more interested in or passionate about? The answer is “yes” to all. However you want to interpret that question is the right way.

So here it is, your 2018 Tech Madness Finalists List, in alphabetical order. Congrats to all and see you on March 6!

  1. Arcadia Power
  2. Aquicore
  3. Avizia
  4. ChurnZero
  5. Clarabridge
  6. Crowdskout
  7. Dcode
  8. Echo360
  9. Ellucian
  10. Event Nation
  11. EVERFI
  12. FiscalNote
  13. Framebridge
  14. FS Card
  15. Fugue
  16. Full Measure Education
  17. Homesnap
  18. HousePouch
  19. ICX Media
  21. ID Dataweb
  22. Interfolio
  23. Intermarkets, Inc.
  24. Kit Check
  25. Knowledge to Practice
  26. Legends of Learning
  27. Mapbox
  28. Measure
  29. MemoryWell
  30. MPOWER Financing
  31. Natural Insight
  32. OneWeb
  33. Optoro
  34. Park My Cloud
  35. Phone2Action
  36. Pippadee
  37. Quorum Analytics
  38. Real Time Cases
  39. Remodelmate
  40. Research Innovations, Inc.
  41. RightEye
  42. Rooam
  43. Social Tables
  44. Solebrity
  45. Spoke
  46. Spotluck
  47. Storyblocks
  49. Surprise Ride
  50. TransitScreen
  51. Twenty Tables
  52. Upside Travel
  53. Upskill
  54. UrbanStems
  55. VEDA Data Solutions
  56. Verato
  57. Virgil Security, Inc.
  58. WeddingWire
  59. WythMe
  60. Xometry