Summer Series: Pool Water Can Actually Turn Your Hair Green

by Sheridan T., Director of Community

I am a recovering pool rat.

Yep, those kids that would hang out all day at the pool… doing a whole lot of nothing except playing hundreds of rounds of Marco Polo, Shark Versus Minnow, and Spider. It wouldn’t matter if it was 85 degrees and sunny out, or rainy and 65, I was there. Every morning after swim practice, I would routinely go have a snack in the playground adjacent to the pool, then directly at 11am go and pick a table underneath the shade. I stayed there for hours on end, leaving only for family dinners, or if I was lucky, when the final whistle was blown.

Looking back, it was more than a bored kid having something to do other than walk around the mall. Being a pool rat gave me a sense of community, at a time when I really had no sense of self-identify but was starting to be more independent. I met my first best friends there, eventually had my first job there, and of course, the best of summer memories that I still look back on today and laugh at.

So when I now see kids spending their summer in front of the TV screens or their iPads, and I shake my head. No child will ever remember their favorite day spent watching television, but they will remember their first neighborhood friend, getting lost in the woods, or playing at the local pool until their fingers get wrinkled. And that really goes for all of us. I encourage everyone to bring back summertime fun the way it was meant to be had, outdoors!

As apart of our Summer Series, our Surprise Ride team members will be sharing a favorite memory of their summertimes, both past, and present. 



Sheridan is Surprise Ride’s Director of Community. After living the fast life in New York City for 5 years, she has returned back to her hometown of Washington, DC to be closer to her family, especially her niece and nephew. Her favorite childhood memory can date back to learning how to play solitaire and Black Jack with her dad or waking up her older brothers by jumping on their beds every morning. She now lives just outside the DC borders with her adopted Pomeranian, Lola Mae.