Monster Origami Bookmarks

When you combine two of our favorite things; monsters and books, we’re pretty much down for it. Check out this fun DIY Origami Bookmark to try out today, courtesy of Easy, Peasy, and Fun.

You can find another fun (video!) version here. Enjoy!

  • Start with a regular sheet of paper (colored, if you have it!)
  • Fold the paper in half – hamburger way! (i.e. horizontally)
  • Fold the left and right corner to the center point
  • Cut off the extra part and cut through the middle so you’ll have two triangles
  • Unfold both triangles so you see two squares that will turn into bookmarks!
  • Fold the square in half hamburger way again and unfold it

  • As you unfold, you’ll see 4 small squares – cut one out
  • Cut the two adjacent squares from the one you’ve cut out diagonally through the square
  • Fold the triangles inward, apply glue to the inner triangle and allow time to dry!

  • Once dry, use some extra colored paper or markers to decorate by adding eyes, teeth or horns!