Let’s Get Crafty: Piggy Banks

Our new friend, Oscar!


A penny earned is a penny saved!! This week at Surprise Ride, we got crafty and created our own piggy bank. Make your own today and save up for a rainy day!

  • Empty plastic beverage bottle (the wider, the better!)
  • Light pink, dark pink and white felt
  • Pink construction paper
  • Clay or play dough
  • Glue
  • Silver paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Marker

Peel label off a clean, empty plastic beverage bottle.

Wrap white felt around bottle and glue. Paint white felt with silver paint. Once it dries, wrap a strip of pink paper around the middle of the felt.

Cut out two equal-sized ovals and glue onto the bottle. Draw a smaller in the center of each of the larger ovals.

Using clay or play dough, roll 4 balls of 1-inch diameter. Glue balls onto the bottom of the bottle. Once glue dries, squish the balls into the bottle so the bottoms are flat.

On the pink colored construction paper, draw two equal-sized ears. At the bottom of the ears, draw a rectangle (this will help your ears stick on). Glue ears down by the rectangles (see diagram below).

Cut out a circle in pink felt that is slightly larger than the bottle’s opening. Cut a slit in the middle (this is where you will put your coins!) and glue onto the bottle’s opening. Cut two smaller circles in a different pink felt and place onto the nose – these are the “nostrils” (oink oink!).

Once you’re finished, name your little friend and fill him up with lots of coins! (We named ours Oscar!) Want to know how to make money to put in your new piggy bank? Start a lemonade stand or put up a bake sale! You’re never too young to become a #kidboss. Learn more about becoming a young entrepreneur with our Kid Boss box!