5 Amazing Kid Entrepreneurs To Watch

When a child becomes impassioned by an idea, there is nothing that can stop the budding kid boss. These 5 kid entrepreneurs have created incredible businesses and non-profits at such young ages. It just goes to show that success can come at any time and at any age! Keep your eyes on them!

1. Robert Nay was only 14 years old when he created his first free iPhone app called Bubble Ball which features a series of brain puzzles. After teaching himself to code at his public library, Robert now has almost 2 million downloads!



2. When he was only 9 years old, Cory Nieves started pulling a wagon full of homemade, all-natural cookies around his neighborhood. Going door-to-door, Cory created a loyal customer base that turned his single wagon into a thriving business called Mr. Cory’s Cookies. Cory isn’t done just yet – he hopes to one day own his own clothing line!tumblr_nad14r739b1qgwi7to10_500-1


3. After watching an instructional YouTube video on how to make earrings, Gabriel Jordan fell in love with designing stylish pieces and started her own jewelry business at age 9 called Jewelz of Jordan. She even went on to write her own book, The Making of a Young Entrepreneur!bio_williams


4. Evan, better known by his YouTube username EvanTubeHD, created his own business by reviewing toys! Evan works with his dad and films his own videos focusing on current kid trends. Today he has over 2.7 million subscribers!evantubehdevantubehd00003_1024x1024


5. Maddie Bradshaw turned a passion for recycling and art into jewelry made out of bottle caps! Her company, Snap Caps, has become a tween sensation across the country, and Maddie even pitched her product at an episode of Shark Tank!



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