How To Be Intentional On Doing Activities With Your Kids (No Prep!) by Christia Colquitt


Let’s face it.

There are only so many hours in a day.

We cannot possibly get everything done or complete our to-do list.

There is just not enough time!

I am all about planning and being intentional, especially when it comes to parenting.

There are so many activities I want to do with my children, but sometimes time gets in the way.

Do you ever find yourself in the same boat?

For about two years now, I have become a subscription box supporter.

Especially ones that send me “ready to do” activities with my kids.

While on this search, I have learned that not all subscription boxes for kids are created equal (and I have tried a lot!)

Our new favorite subscription box is Surprise Ride.


9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 1

My Top 5 Reasons I love Surprise Ride:

  1. They provide every single material you need. I mean everything: glue, a plate for the paint, paint brush, paint. If you need it for the activity, it is in the box.
  2. The themes are fantastic! Both my sons and daughter love the crafts and activities. They are timely and relevant to the season as well.
  3. The crafts are quality. We have kept and used the crafts, such as the plant we watched grow or the treasure box that my daughter keeps her jewelry in.
  4. The box is just FUN. Fun for parents and kids alike!
  5. The whole family can be involved. We have been able to do our boxes with all the kids together. It is a Mini Unit Study that we can do together, and I did not have to prep it!

Let me give you a taste into this box we received last month.

Activity #1:

Create a Treasure Box.

9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 3

This super cute activity even came with a disposable apron.

9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 4

We first painted the box and let it dry.

Once dry, the kids decorated the box and placed the treasure inside.


What better snack for a Treasures box than Pirate’s Booty?

As usual, the snack choice was a highlight for my kids. They have recently been eating me out of house and home.


Puppy Pirates: X Marks the Spot


Puppy Pirates is an entire series of books! My big boys are all about series so I know we will be reading all about the Puppy Pirates and their adventures.

Activity #2:

Time for a treasure hunt!

9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 5

The map had two sides.

I let the kids come up with their hunt, first.

Then, I sent them on a Treasure Hunt designed by mom!


The hunt was an absolute blast!


Surprise Ride


Surprise Ride Box

Maybe the cat has a clue??

Surprise Ride Box

Sometimes, you need a quick coffee break…

Surprise Ride Box

And then, the treasure was found and admired!

Surprise Ride Box

The kids played this game of treasure hunt all afternoon, which was perfect for the rainy weather we had this day.

So busy mom, what are you waiting for?

Surprise Ride Box provides entertainment, learning, and most importantly, all the supplies for a fun-filled afternoon.

Make lasting memories with your kids.

Be intentional about doing activities with your kids.

And let Surprise Ride handle the ideas and supplies!

     Guest Post Written by Christia Colquitt, Creator of Faith Filled Parenting
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