Homeschooling with Magic


Abracadabra! It’s time to add some fun to your homeschool day with Surprise Ride’s Magic Trick Kit.  If you feel you’re falling into a rut, you don’t have to pull something out of your hat. Everything you need to put some magic into your day is in this kit!

So, what comes in our Magic Kit Surprise Ride?

  • A pamphlet full of magic facts and a parent information card
  • A magic card tricks guide
  • A secret scarf to hide your super-secret, magical moves
  • A magic wand
    • A paperback copy of Here’s Hank: Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, who are New York Times bestselling authors.

How do I incorporate a magic kit into my homeschool lesson plans?

Easy! With a combination of creativity, craft, and cleverness, you can infuse a bit of magic into your homeschool day. Following are a list of skills and topics that can be covered by learning magic tricks. A little patience, a lot of practice, and voila! Your doubts have vanished!

Performance and public speaking skills: In less than an hour, your child can learn six basic card tricks. Performing these in front of friends and family will encourage confidence in public speaking.  Kids will enjoy amazing the audience. A booklet with even more card tricks is included in the kit. A family magic show is another way for siblings to bond, entertain, and interact with one another. Being comfortable performing in front of people can lead to increased poise while playing a musical instrument, presenting a science fair project, or any other activity that requires speaking or performing in front of a crowd.

Following directions: It looks like magic, but it’s really skill and concentration. Accurately reading directions, mastering new tasks, and practicing the tricks to perfection are all skills that will follow your child into other endeavors. Your kids are having fun, not realizing that play teaches traits that will carry through for the rest of their lives. Yes, you can develop study skills and a work ethic with a magic wand!

History:  Reading the facts included in the kit may whet your child’s curiosity, encouraging them to do additional research about magicians and magic shows throughout the decades. Perhaps, they can read more about such famous magicians as Harry Houdini, Dorothy Dietrich, and David Copperfield.

Critical thinking: The kids shouldn’t give away the secrets to their magic tricks, but they might like to do some sleuthing to see if they can come up with how professional magicians pull off their unbelievable stunts. Can they figure out the slight of hand? What are the mysteries behind some of the most well known tricks?

Science:  Challenge your kids to use science to create more magic tricks. Could a newfound love for magic inspire them to develop a unique and entertaining science fair project? How can they use chemistry and physics to produce mind-boggling effects?

Math: Counting and playing with cards will reinforce basic math skills. For more advanced students, magic tricks are another way to demonstrate the principles of probability.

Language Arts: The enclosed book is perfect for newly independent readers. The print is large, the story is exciting, and the black and white illustrations are engaging. You can fulfill reading requirements by having your child complete a creative book report on the Hank story included. Reinforce creative writing skills, by encouraging your child to write and illustrate his or her own magical tale.

By the way, some of you may remember one of the authors, Harry Winkler, as the character, Fonzie, from the TV show, Happy Days (1974-19 84). In fact, the Hank stories are centered on Winkler’s childhood. Just like the character in his beloved books, Henry Winkler has dyslexia. If any of your kids struggle with learning disabilities or know someone who does, the Hank book will take on an extra special meaning. Maybe, your kids will want to read the entire Hank series.

Fun and Rewards: Many homeschooling parents have a “fun Friday” to reward kids for getting their work done earlier in the week. Other parents like to incorporate a good dose of non-academic fun into their homeschool plans now and then. Maybe your kids have already expressed an interest in magic. This Surprise Ride is an excellent way to satisfy that curiosity.

After your kids master the tricks in this kit and add a few more to their repertoire, you’ll be ready to take the show on the road. Magic is a great topic for a homeschool co-op class or even a play date activity.  Share the ways you’ve learned to add magic to academic subjects with other homeschooling parents. Consider performing magic tricks at a children’s hospital or retirement home.

Learning can be magical, and there is no better way to prove that then letting your kids experience the wonder of the Surprise Ride Magic Trick Kit.

Lillian Pluta is a former middle school language arts teacher, a published children’s book author, a seasoned homeschool mom with co-op teaching experience, and a freelance blogger. She currently lives along the South Texas coast with her family and a small menagerie of rescued animals. When she’s not teaching or writing, she enjoys learning to play classical guitar and watching sumo wrestling.