Is homeschool on the rise? Yes! Especially in North Carolina


Homeschooling is growing in the United States even though there are fewer children in our population.

According to Chris Weller with Business Insider, “homeschooling has quietly experienced a surge in recent years too. Data from the National Center for Education Statistics and analyses from Brian Ray, a homeschooling researcher at the National Home Education Research Institute, suggest the number of kids taught at home is growing by 3% to 8% a year since the total hovered around 1.8 million in 2012, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.”

We know parents have a variety of reasons for choosing to homeschool, such as safety, faith, flexibility, and a disagreement with school curriculum and requirements. But finding out exactly why parents homeschool and how many do can be hard. As “Ann Zeise” from a2z homeschool points out, “homeschool statistics can be fraught with errors.” Only a small number of states publish homeschool statistics.

One of those states is North Carolina. North Carolina has one of the largest populations of homeschoolers with 131,295. That’s 7.3% of school-aged children. And that’s up from 127,847 last year!

We recently spoke with a Surprise Ride customer who is a homeschooler in North Carolina. She’s homeschooled four children, and her youngest who is 10 suffers from dyslexia. Homeschool ensures she gets the attention she needs to learn with dyslexia.

Susan also likes homeschool because “the kids are always able to do what their passion is.” And that’s something they don’t grow out of! Her older daughter is a missionary in Romania and has been there for 10 years, starting her own organization in the country. We love feel-good stories!

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