Summer Series: Learning to Dance in the Rain

by Donna Khalife, Founder and CEO of Surprise Ride



This past weekend, it was my little one’s 2-year birthday. It’s hard to believe two years have gone by since she was born. Or as we like to say, she’s not turning two, she’s turning “terrible” two… 🙂 It’s been amazing to watch her grow up and discover the world around her with those big beautiful eyes full of wonder. I feel that I am living vicariously through her in every moment, and being a kid again. Like when she washes her hands and is mesmerized by the feel of the water. A simple act that we take for granted every day.


During her birthday party, it was a hot and humid day in Washington DC. Beautifully sunny, and 90+ degrees! We had friends and family over for some fun outside. And at a certain point, my sister Rosy (and fabulous Surprise Ride co-creator) thought it would be nice to turn on the water hose. When Rosy sets her mind to something, she makes it happen. So we did! The result was magical – kids and adults ran through the water laughing, smiling, and feeling exhilarated.



It was a special moment that brought back memories of my own childhood. I grew up in Montreal. We didn’t have a house with a sprinkler like I often saw in the movies or tv commercials. We lived in a small apartment. But, there was a public pool nearby and we spent endless hours swimming. Water was a huge part of my childhood, and I remember loving it as a kid. Rain wasn’t something that was stressful, it was an excuse to have fun and step in puddles!  When I walked by sprinklers, I didn’t try to avoid them. I’d try to step on the part of the sidewalk where the sprinkler reached. As adults, we avoid rain and sprinklers as if they sprout something else than water!


This summer, remember to set the phone aside and jump in the water no matter what you’re wearing for some good old-fashioned fun!


Eternal kid and co-creator of Surprise Ride


As apart of our Summer Series, our Surprise Ride team members will be sharing a favorite memory of their summertimes, both past, and present.