Awesome Indoor Kids’ Activity: Make a Propeller Car!

We loved building and playing with October’s Leonardo da Vinci Ride, and now it’s your little one’s turn. Have your kiddo grab the Ride and get excited, it’s time to build a Da Vinci car!

Hey Riders! Press play for step-by-step instructions and pause if you need a little extra time on any step. Have fun being an engineer…we sure did!

Check out our Parent Guide for helpful hints, project time and difficulty level. It’s everything you need to know about October’s Leonardo da Vinci Ride, all in a quick, easy-to-read format.

Surprise Ride Unboxing Video

Check out this awesome unboxing video from AKA Mommy and her adorable son Grant!

Want to start your own adventure? Join the ride today!

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Sailing-Turk’s Head Knot Bracelet

Ahoy Sailors! Once you’ve become a knot master, it’s time for a true challenge: The Turk’s Head Knot Bracelet. This bracelet has strong ties to the sailing lifestyle. It’s also a summer tradition, as people put it on in warm weather and wear it constantly (even in the water!) until they have to cut it off in Autumn.

Using your bracelet weaving cord, follow the video or the printable instructions to create your bracelet. It’s a complicated weave, so don’t get discouraged if it takes several attempts to perfect! Make sure you pause after you make the initial loop- this is the only time to adjust size and make sure it’ll fit over your hand.

Now let’s set sail on your next knot-ical adventure!

Nautical-knotbraceletplaybutton (3)


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Check out Surprise Ride on The View!

Missed us on ABC’s The View? Check out supermom and country music star Sara Evans and talented host of The View Sherri Shepherd raving about Surprise Ride.

Some quotes from the segment:

“Surprise Ride helped Hidden Valley Ranch and myself make these activity boxes so that your little ones can be in the kitchen helping you cook. It’s really really fun. It’s great! I’ve used them with my kids, and they love being in the kitchen with me.” – Sara Evans

“Surprise Ride’s great, we get it once a month for Jeffrey.” – Sherri Shepherd

So glad to have these fabulous ladies in our Surprise Ride family!

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Watch Donna on NBC Miami!

This week, Donna was invited on NBC in Miami to talk all about Surprise Ride! It was a great opportunity to share what Surprise Ride is all about, and to talk about where our inspiration for the company comes from.

Here’s a highlight from the segment: “We’re all about bringing families together, spending quality time, and taking kids away from the electronics a little bit- getting them engaged in real, hands-on activities the way a lot of us had the benefit of growing up. All of our activities have real items that they can touch and feel and learn about.”

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Surprise Ride in the Tank!

Surprise Ride was selected from a pool of 30,000 applicants to appear on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank! Watch as the sharks rave about their surprise rides and Lori Greiner says Surprise Ride is one of the best gift boxes for kids she’s ever seen! Click to watch the video below.


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