How To Be Intentional On Doing Activities With Your Kids (No Prep!) by Christia Colquitt


Let’s face it.

There are only so many hours in a day.

We cannot possibly get everything done or complete our to-do list.

There is just not enough time!

I am all about planning and being intentional, especially when it comes to parenting.

There are so many activities I want to do with my children, but sometimes time gets in the way.

Do you ever find yourself in the same boat?

For about two years now, I have become a subscription box supporter.

Especially ones that send me “ready to do” activities with my kids.

While on this search, I have learned that not all subscription boxes for kids are created equal (and I have tried a lot!)

Our new favorite subscription box is Surprise Ride.


9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 1

My Top 5 Reasons I love Surprise Ride:

  1. They provide every single material you need. I mean everything: glue, a plate for the paint, paint brush, paint. If you need it for the activity, it is in the box.
  2. The themes are fantastic! Both my sons and daughter love the crafts and activities. They are timely and relevant to the season as well.
  3. The crafts are quality. We have kept and used the crafts, such as the plant we watched grow or the treasure box that my daughter keeps her jewelry in.
  4. The box is just FUN. Fun for parents and kids alike!
  5. The whole family can be involved. We have been able to do our boxes with all the kids together. It is a Mini Unit Study that we can do together, and I did not have to prep it!

Let me give you a taste into this box we received last month.

Activity #1:

Create a Treasure Box.

9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 3

This super cute activity even came with a disposable apron.

9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 4

We first painted the box and let it dry.

Once dry, the kids decorated the box and placed the treasure inside.


What better snack for a Treasures box than Pirate’s Booty?

As usual, the snack choice was a highlight for my kids. They have recently been eating me out of house and home.


Puppy Pirates: X Marks the Spot


Puppy Pirates is an entire series of books! My big boys are all about series so I know we will be reading all about the Puppy Pirates and their adventures.

Activity #2:

Time for a treasure hunt!

9-16 Treasures Faithfilledparenting 5

The map had two sides.

I let the kids come up with their hunt, first.

Then, I sent them on a Treasure Hunt designed by mom!


The hunt was an absolute blast!


Surprise Ride


Surprise Ride Box

Maybe the cat has a clue??

Surprise Ride Box

Sometimes, you need a quick coffee break…

Surprise Ride Box

And then, the treasure was found and admired!

Surprise Ride Box

The kids played this game of treasure hunt all afternoon, which was perfect for the rainy weather we had this day.

So busy mom, what are you waiting for?

Surprise Ride Box provides entertainment, learning, and most importantly, all the supplies for a fun-filled afternoon.

Make lasting memories with your kids.

Be intentional about doing activities with your kids.

And let Surprise Ride handle the ideas and supplies!

     Guest Post Written by Christia Colquitt, Creator of Faith Filled Parenting
     For more information, please visit
     Interested in writing a guest blog for Surprise Ride? Send your topic idea
     to [email protected].


Surprise Ride Unboxing Video

Check out this awesome unboxing video from AKA Mommy and her adorable son Grant!

Want to start your own adventure? Join the ride today!

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The Gift You Wish Existed When You Were a Kid…


We’ve all had that panicked moment when we glance at the calendar and realize that the holidays are already here! Where did the year go? While the holidays are a special time for family bonding, delicious meals, and traditions, they also mean the stress of wanting to find the perfect gift to express your love. This is something that actually inspired us to start Surprise Ride. We wanted to find something special to give to our nephews, but found all of the toys in stores to be lacking. We designed Surprise Ride to inspire and enrich two of our favorite family members well beyond the holidays. Here’s why Surprise Ride is the gift you wish existed when you were a kid…

Remember those bazillion questions swarming in your head when you were a kid?

Why is the sky blue? How do lizards stick to the ceiling? Where does pizza come from? Who’s this Picasso guy I keep hearing about? With Surprise Ride, we set out to get questions like these answered! We believe kids are brilliant, and we teach them something new in every box. We present the information in a fun way so kids are learning while they play! You may even be shocked to learn a thing or two. Did you know that every 37 seconds an airplane takes off or lands in the U.S.? Yup, one is about to land… right… now! Or that bees can carry over 122 times their body weight? Fun surprise facts like these are jam-packed into every box. #staycurious

Did you wish you had more things to talk to Grandma Harriet or Uncle Bob about? The crickets are chirping

Surprise Ride connects families, even from a distance. As aunts, we struggled with ways to stay connected to our nephews. We designed Surprise Ride to spark conversations between grandparents/aunts/uncles/older siblings and kids. Want to know how to guarantee a monthly phone call, Skype session, or hand-written note from your favorite little one? Send kids a fun surprise from you in their name every month! 

Toys are cool for about a minute. The Surprise Ride experience last for months or years. 

A video game or new doll can only entertain a kid for so long. With Surprise Ride, each activity takes at least a few hours, and often a couple of days. The book can be read over and over again until a child’s imagination is soaring with ideas. Why settle for a gift that fades a few minutes after the initial unwrapping thrill when you can get the gift that keeps on giving?

The dreaded words: “Batteries not included” 

Noooooooo! There’s nothing worse than an excited child opening a gift only to realize that it requires AA batteries (or an elusive C?) and you forgot to pick some up at the store. With Surprise Ride, we wanted to eliminate any of those awful waits we experienced in our childhoods! Every box comes with all the items you need down to extra paint, batteries, glue, or a disposable apron so you make sure Grandma’s sweater stays clean. 

You got the same toy as me? You did too? Oh…

Surprise Ride is cool because it’s innovative and unique! Sure, you could give your favorite little one the same toy as everyone else… but if you really wanna be a hero, sign them up for something that’ll have all their friends saying “Ooooh, I wish I got that!” 

Donna & Rosy
Founders of Surprise Ride


buy_now (1)

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Review: “The Binder Ladies”

Review by “The Binder Ladies” blog

Surprise Ride is just that, a surprise!  These amazing monthly boxes were founded by sisters who truly enjoyed their childhood with their father, and all the things they did with him. They are now making this happen for children all over!  Family togetherness, education, creativity and fun make up each of these unique boxes. Every Mom or Dad can respect their three basic principles:
1. Kids are brilliant.
2. Curiosity fuels success.
3. Everyone loves getting a surprise in the mail.

I, (Mandy), was sent a Surprise Ride Penguin Box to check out and review.  Now I’ll be the first to admit, my kids get bored easily. Especially now when the weather is wet and cold, and their mom (myself) is afraid of the flu season. So what happens? They lose interest in being creative and energetic quickly, so I needed something to help feed their creativity fast!

Surprise Ride contends that this is a “monthly box of adventure.” I’ll have to agree! This month was March of the Penguins! A full length National Geographic book gave so much information and an exclusive inside look at how penguins live and all about their environment,  while a two page information booklet gave you all kinds of neat facts on penguins!  The boys loved learning about these neat, arctic creatures, and continued to ask questions while being enthralled with the answers that the book gave us.  It was really fun reading these together, as a family.

But that wasn’t the only neat thing; it came with SNOW! Now, our weather here in Washington keeps teasing us with chances of snow, but it just won’t follow through. So when I told my kids that we should play in snow, they went running to the back door…surprise, no snow. When I explained the process of how we were going to MAKE snow, they still looked outside! It wasn’t until I had all of the ingredients laid out, that they fully grasped what we were actually doing; were going to MAKE SNOW! It was so neat to watch it grow and fluff up! The boys exclaimed loudly in unison, “Wow!!” They really liked touching it and playing with it, too.  As a mom, I’m really iffy with products like this, especially if they smell like chemicals. However, the snow didn’t have a smell! It was completely safe and non toxic, and that spoke a lot to my motherhood. The box also came with white Crayola modeling clay, in addition to a penguin pencil (the kind you pop off the top to reveal a new sharpened pencil), a modeling stick, instructions on how to build the perfect igloo, and a white cap that you use as a model for your igloo. We were able to cut the clay in half (one for each boy) and they played with the clay for hours! In fact, they are somewhere else in the house now, as I write this review, still playing with their modeling clay. The winter tray was adorable with a penguin’s picture adorning the front, and we used it with the snow! The kids were able to dig in with their hands in the snow, rather than reach in a glass one by one. This made for quite the mess, but the snow is surprisingly easy to clean up!
One neat treat to the box, was a popcorn ball. Now, I was super stoked to try a bite of this ball, especially since the Popcorn Factory made it, however, my kids ate the entire thing…in the middle of the night. By morning, they were excited to tell me how delicious it was. No shame.

One of the most amazing things that I would have NEVER thought of finding in our Surprise Ride Box was a fleece pillow DIY kit! It’s kind of like a tied fleece blanket, only a pillow! I really wanted to try this with the kids, but I got a little craft happy. While the boys were slumbering quietly, I put the pillow together and couldn’t believe how easy it was! Revenge for eating my popcorn ball, perhaps?  My oldest son LOVES this pillow, and he now refuses to sleep without it. He loves how soft it is, and especially loves the penguin on the front, since he’s now been educated in the life of penguins!

This box was truly an amazing experience, and we were left with the reminisce of a snowy Winter around penguins! It fed my kid’s imaginations, and fueled their minds for more learning! What I loved was that I could teach them, while I learned about some really fun stuff, myself.  It was so much fun! I am going to personally sign up for these monthly kits, and I know the boys are going to LOVE getting their surprises in the mail!  Prices are definitely worth the materials that are sent, because they are FULL of great products with a month’s worth of imagination, exploring and education.  I highly recommend these boxes! Not only Surprise Ride boxes creative genius, they are boxes full of learning, which makes it an amazing adventure, indeed.

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Review: “Our Family Nest”

Review by “Our Family Nest” Youtube Channel. Click to watch!

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 12.09.27 PM

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Review: “I Love My Kids”

Review on “I Love My Kids” Blog

Every parent dreads the phrase “I’m bored!”  Usually this phrase is uttered by my children in the whiniest voice possible, when I have just started cleaning, cooking, or taking care of another child.  I have come to learn that when children say they are bored, many times they want to learn something new.  They want a different type of activity and don’t know how to create it for themselves.  Kids are naturally curious and want to explore, and children learn best through play and creative exploration.  I try to keep a supply of activities and sensory learning tools on hand for boredom moments, but with a brand new baby, I was at my wits end trying to come up with activities to keep my kids learning.

Surprise Ride

When I was introduced to Surprise Ride, I knew it would be a great tool against those whiny, bored moments.  Surprise Ride was created by two sisters that struggled to find gifts for their nephews that fostered creative play.  They developed Surprise Ride as a full sensory, creative play experience for children ages 6-11.

Surprise Ride Box

Each box is full of themed activities, materials full of information, and a healthy snack.  Each Surprise Ride creates a perfect unit study.  In a unit study, a topic is not only read about, but learners use multiple avenues to interact with the topic.  With crafts, fun facts, toys that foster imaginative play, and snacks, children are able to become immersed in the topic.  This type of learning has been shown to increase knowledge retention and can lead to further curiosity on the topic.

Opening Box

Our box’s theme was POW-WOW and we learned all about Native American culture.  Inside we found:

The materials to make a dream-catcher, the materials to create a tribal drum, a rattle, a slide whistle, a worry stone, a booklet teaching us about each item and Native American culture, Pop’d Kerns (These were really delicious; I may have sneaked a few from the kids), and a North American Indian Activity Book

My daughter had a great time creating her very own dream catcher.  She needed a little guidance, but loved designing it herself.

Making Dream Catcher

My children worked together to assemble the tribal drum and held an impromptu powwow on the porch with the drum, slide whistle, and the rattle.  It rained shortly after the powwow, so maybe they successfully did a rain dance.

In the booklet, we were encouraged to come up with Native American names based on activities and animals that we liked.  Over the next couple of days, my children would come up with new names for themselves and each family member, based on the activities we were doing.

Even though Surprise Ride is designed for children ages 6-11, my children (ages 3 & 5) were interested and played for over 2 hours.  Each item in the box was made of high quality materials and was built to be played with and explored.  I loved that we were able to spend a whole afternoon exploring together without them ever asking to watch television or play with my phone.  My children have asked more questions about Native Americans, and we’ve continued to learn about their culture.

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Review: “Mommy’s Memorandum”

Review from “Mommy’s Memorandum” Blog

I received a Surprise Ride box to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.
I love when my kiddos unleash their creativity. When we sit around the table, engaged in crafts or some sort of learning activity–just talking and celebrating the moment. A weekend outing is great, but most of the time we are home supplementing our week with quality time. One of the most outstanding activities we have done was the June Box from Surprise Ride.

 Our June Surprise Ride came with a book, two craft projects, a toy and a healthy snack as well as extra seeds.
The wind chime activity was so much fun. The kit comes with a simple wind chime and colorful mosaic pieces. Miss M took her time and created a mosaic collage and then glued the pieces to the wind chime. Li’l Man completed the Plant Buddy project. The Plant Buddy project uses a stocking, soil, seeds, rubber bands, googly eyes and glue. The child places the seeds in the stocking first and then covers them with moist soil. Tie off with a rubber bands and add the facial features.
suprise ride plant buddy assembly
Li’l Man nurtured his Plant Buddy with a water spritz until it sprouted hair. He was so proud and loves trimming his plant buddy’s hair every so often!
Surprise Ride Plant Buddy

While we were enjoying the chiming of our Mosaic Wind Chime and watching hair grow on our Plant Buddy, the kiddos also enjoy the book that came with the Surprise Ride Subscription Box, Ace LaceWing, Bug Detective: Bad Bugs are My Business. This book follows a detective named Ace LaceWing as he solves bug capers in Motham City! It’s clever and cute and the kiddo loved learning about the variety of insects featured and the things that did!

The kiddos also enjoyed sharing the snack bag of Plentils that was included. These crunch lentil chips were enjoyable. Miss M loved the toy, a Solar Powered Flower/Butterfly. It brings a lot of laughter. In the sun it will start waving back and forth as if it is dancing. It’s cute.

I love that Surprise Ride comes with everything needed. I wasn’t having to run all through our house or all over town trying to secure everything to complete a project. It also included a mixed herb and seed packet as well as a spray bottle. There was also cups, bowls, soil, glue, rubber bands. There was information on gardening herbs and MacKenzie loved the bit about a connection between fairies and wind chimes! I only had to get water for the plant buddy–easy enough!

Each month there is a different theme. The Surprise Ride subscription box arrives with everything you need each month. Past themes have included: chocolate, pirates, art and more!

Surprise Ride is a great subscription box that allows children to unleash their creativity, learn something new and have fun!

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Review: “Mommy’s Block Party”

Review by “Mommy’s Block Party” Blog

   Summer came to a quick close almost a month ago for us and we are already back to school. Wow, that was a fast summer and we crammed as much fun in as we could. Now that school is back in session, I still want the kids to have some fun in the evenings, between homework and all of our other activities. One thing they always love is getting mail. B gets the mail everyday after school and the first question is “Did I get anything?” Most days it is just unfun stuff like bills and junk mail, but on special occasions, we get fun surprises!

Our Surprise Ride box is here! One kiddo is super excited to see what came for him.
   We were sent the July Themed Box! The first thing we came across is the Surprise Ride Guide. This Guide gave us all the basic information for our Theme–PowWow, American Indians. Our essentials would be designing a dream catcher and creating a tribal drum. Our extras would include a dance rattle, animal slide whistle, worry stone, North American Indian activity book, and a Pop’d Kerns snack. On the back side were all of Surprise Ride’s social media links. B could not wait to see what was inside the actual box now that he knew what should be there.
The box is jammed pack with fun, we could not wait to get it all out and get started. The Surprise Ride July Themed PowWow box includes all of this:
 Once everything had been taken out of the box, we found our PowWow guide. This “Travel Guide” gave us a lot of neat facts about the American Indians and ideas to use throughout our exploration of the box.
   Did you know that the American Indians invented Lacrosse? It was originally known as stickball and is a very popular sport played all over the US today.
   Next we browsed the instruction sheets for our two design and create projects. Number one was a dream catcher, it listed the supplies that were included and step by step instructions to complete it.We also found the supply bag for creating our dream catcher.
   On the opposite side was information about creating a tribal drum, again with supply list and step by step instructions. It also included information on what drums are used for in the American Indian culture.
   Drum making supplies. We also found a worry stone. A Pop’d Kerns snack. A dance rattle. An animal slide whistle. A North American Indian activity book. Everything that was listed was included and looked really neat to explore. One day after school we let B get started.
   His first choice was trying out the Pop’d Kerns snack, “A corn crunch like no other”, in original flavor. These kernels of corn are all natural and gluten free and offer just the right amount of crunch. B had a few handfuls and I had a small sample too. Daddy even tried some when he came home. They were very unique in both texture and flavor, we all thought they were decent and different.
   Next it was tribal drum building time. B followed the instructions step by step, using all of the supplies that were included. We needed nothing extra, everything we needed was already supplied by Surprise Ride. I love that I don’t need anything, because inevitably I would have been without something we needed to complete this craft on our own.
 Showing off the worry stone, ours represents a trickster-how perfect for my silly boy!
 S needed to get in on some action too, she found the dance rattle and animal whistle and put on a show of her own.
 Big brother also let her do some of the activities in the North American Indian book. She had fun doing the word search all on her own.
She also did the same/different activity.
The last part of the Surprise Ride box was creating a dream catcher. B decided that since he had gotten to make the drum, S could make the dream catcher.
 Overall, the Surprise Ride box was fun and educational. The activities were hands on and allowed them to explore something they probably would not have on a normal day. I love that they shared this box, even though it was addressed to B. It was a great way for both of them to learn and create together, being 5 and 7 they both were able to handle the information and understand most of the facts.

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Review: “A Lucky Lady Bug”

Review from “A Lucky Lady Bug” Blog:

The newest monthly club I was asked to review is Surprise Ride.  “Through carefully curated monthly activities, Surprise Ride aims to foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons. With a little hands-on learning and a lot of fun, we help kids exercise that special power of creative genius that empowers them to be tomorrow’s innovators. There’s no better way for kids to learn than by doing. There’s no better time than when they’re young and absorbing experiences like a sponge.”10265424_486864914792022_3074834972290925000_o

We planted a separate set of flowers in the bowl and put our grass guy into a Styrofoam container which we were going to throw away.  I loved that this even came with snacks and the book to read on top of all the craft supplies.  The boys were very happy with this one and honestly enjoyed every part of it.

Recommendation:  I think this was both a fun and educational box that is on a great path to keep kids having fun while learning.  I thought that the amount of supplies packed into the box was well worth it although this is on the pricier end of monthly subscription boxes.

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Review: “Mommy Katie”

Review by “Mommy Katie” blog

With the summer here, I find that I am constantly on the look out for fun activities to keep the kids busy. Finding projects and putting them together, can take up a lot of time all in its own, so finding projects that are all ready put together for the kids is very ideal. Well, that is I what I got when we were sent the Surprise Ride box, delivered to our door for the kids!

This box is part of a subscription box, that comes to your door, ready to be used, and full of exploration and adventure for the kids every month! Each of the boxes are themed boxes, so each month, you and your kids, can work on a new set of projects that each box has in them, ready to go!

We received the June’s Surprise: Green Thumb, themed box, which came packed with fun gardening activities! The kids were able to make their own planter buddies, solve a bug mystery with the fun book, grow their own herb garden, design a fun wind chime, all while snacking on some delicious lentil chips!

I like that this box not only comes filled with the activities for the kids to do, but everything we need to complete these activities are in the box, ready to be taken on and enjoyed! I also liked, that in between some of the activities, we could stop for a snack break with the lentil chips while we read the awesome book, Ace Lacewing Bug Detective! Making this great subscription box for kids, a great gift to get your kids or any kids in your life!

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