Announcing October’s Surprise Theme…


Did you know? The California Gold Rush was not the first gold rush in US history. Records show that a twelve-year-old boy, Conrad Reed, made the first gold discovery in North Carolina. More than 30,000 people rushed to the state to find gold. In this Ride your little one will head West in search of their own gold rush! They’ll learn how to pan for gold just like the ’49ers, and explore the history of the largest mass migration in the US.

Surprise Fact: When the Gold Rush started, there weren’t any banks in California! #staycurious


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Announcing September’s Surprise Theme…


What formed about 4.5 billion years ago out of materials from a crash between Earth and another planet? Step into the Surprise Ride lab as we explore September’s Surprise Theme… the moon! Did you know that the moon, Earth’s closest neighbor, is a satellite, meaning it moves around the Earth? Find out all this, and more as you explore September’s Ride and build your own model moon!

Surprise Fact: Did you know that the moon is moving 1.5 inches further away from Earth every year?! #staycurious


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Announcing May’s Surprise Theme…



Get ready to learn about one of the most famous artists of all time. While living in France, this artist looked out his window one morning and saw a breathtaking view. He used this as inspiration to paint Starry Night, one of his most famous paintings! In this month’s Surprise Ride, we explored the artistic creations of… Vincent van Gogh! In this Ride, your little ones will have the chance to create their own masterpiece, and explore the science behind the technique of marbling!

Surprise Fact: Did you know that van Gogh taught himself to paint, and that some of his artworks took more than a year to dry because the paint was so thick?! #staycurious


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Announcing March’s Surprise Theme…



Get ready to explore the amazing culture of the Far East. Where the martial art of Sumo is the national sport, the highest peak is a 12,389 foot volcano, and ancient Samurai warriors are skilled in sword fighting. In this Surprise Ride, we searched all over the world to bring you kids’ favorite things all the way from…Japan! In this Ride, your little ones will have the chance to grow their own Japanese Dragon Tree and become culinary masters, learning to roll their own sushi!

Surprise Fact: The word emoji means “picture” (e) + “character” (moji) and were first created by Japanese engineers to help people send pictures to each other without using so much cell phone data. #staycurious


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Announcing February’s Surprise Theme…



Have you ever heard the saying “opposites attract”? When it comes to this month’s theme, this phrase is 100% true! This month, our Riders explored the magical science of magnets! Our Riders created their own magnetic tangram travel set, and explored the power of magnetism by painting with magnets! This Ride will show your little one how magnets are all around, and let them explore this magical science. 

Surprise Fact: We live on a giant magnet…Earth! Scientists believe the Earth’s core is made of iron and nickel, and creates Earth’s own magnetic field, an invisible force that works over distance. This means magnetic fields can pull other magnetic objects closer without even touching! #staycurious


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Announcing October’s Surprise Theme…



Ciao! This month we traveled back in time to learn about the life of a true genius and Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci. Our Riders crafted a propeller car as part of a fun engineering activity, and created their own interpretation of the famous Mona Lisa! From ingenious inventions, art masterpieces and scientific sketches, this Ride will inspire your little one to become just as curious as da Vinci!

Surprise Fact: Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci often wrote backwards? Most of his journal entries utilize a “mirror writing” technique, which means that you need to hold the page up to a mirror to read what it really says! #staycurious

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Announcing September’s Surprise Theme…


Ni hao! This month we explored a place that is home to the MOST people in the world, China. Our Riders explored this fascinating country by building their very own Chinese abacus or suanpan, and learning about the fine art of calligraphy. From mystical dragons, giant pandas and the ancient great wall, this Ride is the ultimate guide to exploring China.

Surprise Fact: Did you know that the Chinese are credited for inventing ice cream? They packed a soft milk and rice mixture together with snow for a delicious sweet treat! #staycurious

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Announcing August’s Surprise Theme…



Ahoy, Matey! This month our Riders set sail to the mysterious land of hidden treasures and pirates! From decorating their very own treasure chest, to hiding their most precious valuables with the help of a treasure map; kids had a blast learning all about the buried treasures still hiding out there in the world. What hidden surprises will you uncover with the Treasure’s Ride? Get curious, get excited, get yours!

Surprise Fact: Did you know that most hidden treasures are accidentally found when people demolish old buildings? #staycurious


Announcing July’s Surprise Theme…



Are you ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics, Riders? To get you excited for this epic competition, this month’s Ride transported kids to the tropical country of Brazil. Our Riders had a chance to plant their very own Brazilian Rainforest and see how flora reacts when touched or approached by predators. To bring the Olympic spirit to life, kids got to create and compete in their own Olympic game and take a victory lap with a Surprise Ride medal. Let’s get this championship started!

Surprise Fact: Brazil shares a border with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador #staycurious

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Announcing June’s Surprise Theme…


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.49.19 PM

3… 2…1… LIFTOFF! This month our Riders explored the fascinating red planet, Mars. From crafting their own Martians to experimenting with space sand, kids were transported across space to our neighbor planet. In addition to these activities, Riders got to snack on treats eaten by real astronauts, while exploring the fun facts and quizzes included in a book devoted to this awesome planet. This month’s Ride sure was extraterrestrial!

Surprise Fact: The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war #staycurious

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