April Fool’s Day Pranks for Parents

Kids aren’t the only ones who can have fun this April Fool’s! The first of April is the perfect opportunity to discover your inner trickster and turn the laughs on your children. Our April Fool’s Day pranks will have your kids fooled, and have you enjoying the silliness.



Undrinkable Juice: Surprise your kids at breakfast when they reach for their cup of juice and find they can’t drink! Fill cups with gelatin the night before, and watch your child sip, struggle, and laugh. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.10.12 AM


Not So Sweet Desserts: Create deceptive cake pops by putting broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts on sticks and wrapping them in tissue paper. Your kids will be shocked when they unwrap these healthy (but maybe not so yummy!) treats. 



Switcheroo: When your kids are sound asleep, switch them into each other’s beds. They will wake up utterly confused when looking at a different ceiling and walls, wondering how they got to their sibling’s bed!  

BXJ0T7 Girl Looking at Alarm Clock


Early Wake up Call: Wake your kids up a few hours early and start getting your kids ready for school… They will wonder why on earth they are so sleepy. Wait until one of them notices the clock to say “April Fool’s!” Be sure to leave enough time for them to get a little bit more shut eye to face the prank-filled day. 

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Backwards Dinner: Start with meatloaf in cupcake tins and frost with mashed potatoes, then finish with hamburger cupcakes (vanilla cupcakes with brown, green and red frosting), or try rice crispy sushi roll (wrap rice crispy treats in fruit roll ups with gummies in in the middle). It’ll be a dinner they’ll never expect or forget!

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