7 Reasons You HAVE to Let Your Kids Start a Lemonade Stand

Let Your Kids Start a Lemonade Stand

We love encouraging kids to be passionate and creative. Since it’s summertime, it’s the perfect time of the year to open a lemonade stand! Lemonade stands are a lot of fun and they teach kids some valuable lessons!

Lemonade stands can be as simple or elaborate as you like. A simple folding table and sign will do, or you can create a custom shop. All you have to do is set up somewhere with a fair amount of foot traffic and sell your product to thirsty customers.

Here are the some benefits kids get from running their own mini-business.

1. It exposes them to success

For many people, the biggest motivator is success. Once they have had a taste of accomplishment, they’ll hunger for more. Whether they enjoy making an awesome product or bringing in sales, they’ll build that desire to succeed.

2. It puts their imagination to work

Designing and building a lemonade stand takes a lot of work. The kids will need to make signs, shop for ingredients, choose their recipe, and of course, make the stand with plenty of flair and appeal. Then they get to use their imagination to come up with creative ways to draw in customers.

3. It helps them understand finance

No matter what we end up doing in life, we have to have an understanding of finance. Through a lemonade stand, they will learn about economics: how to set a price, how to calculate costs, and how to figure out their gains or losses. Plus, they’ll gain a real appreciation of the value of a dollar once they see how hard it is to earn.

4. It builds independence and self-confidence

If possible, let the kids do all the work and only participate by giving advice. You want them to feel a real sense of ownership over this project. They’ll learn how capable they are and about how hard work can help them achieve great things.

5. It teaches them how to communicate

Lemonade stands give kids an opportunity to meet new people and practice talking. They’ll answer questions about their endeavor, work to make sales, and learn the importance of being polite and respectful. Plus, they’ll have to communicate well and work together to get everything done.

6. It forces them to learn

While a lemonade stand might seem simple to you and I, your kids will undoubtedly have lots of questions. They’ll need to learn how to make lemonade, how to build signs, and how to interact with customers. As a parent, you’ll be a big resource, but encourage them to use other means (like books or the Internet) to come up with answers.

7. It fosters the entrepreneurial spirit

They’ll learn about the benefits of being their own boss, managing their schedule, and reaping all the profits in the end. As they grow, they can use what they’ve learned to start other small kid-businesses (dog walking, lawn mowing, etc.) and maybe someday run their own company!


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