6 Fun Things To Do On The Long Weekend

A day off from school is every kid’s dream, but it can put pressure on parents to have exciting activities lined up to entertain. Nobody likes hearing the words “I’m bored”, and a day of TV is not productive or educational. We’ve got you covered with this list of 6 fun things you can do as a family this long weekend!

  1. Visit a fire station. This is an awesome activity for kids of all ages, from preschool to middle school. They’ll get to meet firefighters, see the inside of a firetruck, and learn about what saving a life is all about! Most local stations have tours set up for children.
  2. Make sunflowers. This is a simple craft for kids (and you) to enjoy! Simply slice a styrofoam ball in half, cover the round side with sunflower seeds using tacky glue, cut petals from yellow tissue paper, and attach to the flat side of the styrofoam with glue. The final step is to cover the back side with a circle that you cut out of yellow paper. You’ll have a beautiful sunflower that you can lay flat or hang from the window with a piece of ribbon!
  3. Twist on takeout. Most kids have had takeout before, but you can spice things up by making it an educational adventure. Find the country where the food is from on a map, read about it a bit online, and pick a book or movie up from the library that has to do with the type of cuisine. You can travel around the world without even leaving your living room!
  4. Do volunteer work. Kids may groan about this one at first, but if you let them choose their own community service to accomplish and make it their special project, they’ll quickly feel excited and proud of themselves once they help others. You can help clean up a community center, volunteer at an animal-rescue organization, or organize food at a food bank. The options are endless.
  5. Plan a treasure hunt. Children find lots of things entertaining, so why not create a treasure hunt in your own home. You can pick up cheap “treasure” at a dollar store, like small jewels and pieces of candy. Hide them around the house and draw up a map (or take turns and have the kids make the map and you hunt for the treasure!) You can even try hiding the map to draw the hunt out longer.
  6. Do magic tricks. Everyone loves magic, and plenty of tricks are easy to master and will have your audience astounded. Take turns learning simple tricks and performing them for the family. (Pro Tip: Don’t know how to do magic? You can learn some pretty fantastic tricks in the Magic Surprise Ride box.)


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