24 Fun Facts About Aviation

Fun Facts About Aviation

This month’s theme is all about aviation, with a special focus on one of the world’s most famous pioneer and flight-enthusiast: Amelia Earhart. Order the Surprise Ride Amelia Earhart Activities Box today and enjoy some fun aviation facts while you wait for the adventure to begin!

  1. All of the Boeing 747s have traveled a collective 35 billion miles. That’s equivalent to 75,000 trips to the moon and back!
  2. Every day, there are approximately 200,000 flights around the world.
  3. Food tastes different under pressure (like in an airplane!). For example, our ability to perceive salty tastes is weakened, so tomato juice tastes sweet.
  4. The first time Amelia Earhart saw an airplane, she wasn’t impressed and declined a ride!
  5. Beginning with simple kites, humans have moved on to develop gliders, airships, helicopters, commercial planes and even supersonic flight.
  6. As a plane moves, air travels over the top of the wing faster than it flows beneath the wing. This creates higher pressure beneath the wing and forces it up into the lower pressure area. This process is called “lift.”
  7. Orville and Wilbur Wright, America’s aviation pioneers, designed the first successful airplane.
  8. More than 80% of people report being afraid of flying to some degree.
  9. Most of a plane is made from lightweight aluminum. Mercury, the chemical found in thermometers, can destroy aluminum in minutes. This is why it’s forbidden to bring it on flights!
  10. In the 1920s, a plane ticket cost just $5!
  11. The longest paper airplane flight was 27.6 seconds.
  12. Amelia Earhart was loved so much by the public that people wrote her letters and declared they would name pets, lakes, and even their children after her.
  13. Most airplanes have a flight data recorder that keeps track of everything the plane does. These are often called “black boxes” even though they are orange.
  14. On each side of the plane is an aileron, which makes the plane turn right or left.
  15. Air travel is the second safest form of travel. The first safest method is the elevator/escalator, although you wouldn’t get very far!
  16. Airships and blimps are lighter than air and use buoyancy for flight. They are typically filled with gas (such as helium) that is less dense than the surrounding atmosphere.
  17. Planes flying internationally usually have their home country’s flag painted on the tail.
  18. To be a flight attendant, you’d have to undergo intensive safety and medical training. Serving food and drinks is only part of their job; their main concern is safety.
  19. A plane’s life is measured in the number of times it undergoes pressurization. Every time it’s pressured, stress is caused on the fuselage, which adds up to tiny cracks that can’t be repaired.
  20. Only 5% of the world’s population has ever traveled by plane.
  21. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger in 1928, then solo in 1932, and the first woman to fly non-stop coast-to-coast in 1932.
  22. At any time, there are 61,000 people in the air over the United States!
  23. A plane takes off or lands at the US’s busiest airport, Chicago O’Hare Airport, every 37 seconds all day long.
  24. The President and Vice President of the United States never fly together in case an accident were to occur.

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