17 Incredible Facts About ROCKETS

facts about rockets

Blast into fun and learning with these 17 Facts About Rockets!

  1. Even though space travel didn’t happen until the 1960’s, rockets have been around for a long time. The first rocket was invented by the Chinese around year 1200. Rockets are the oldest of all engines.
  2. Rockets were originally used for fireworks and for rescuing people at sea.
  3. Robert Goddard is considered the father of modern rocketry. He built the first liquid-fueled rocket in 1926. The rocket climbed 12 meters in 2.5 seconds.
  4. A typical rocket produces more than a million pounds of thrust. They can travel at 22,000 miles per hour carrying 6,000 pounds!
  5. The heat produced by a rocket in the first moments after lift-off could heat 85,000 homes for a full day.
  6. Rockets use oxygen as fuel to power their thrusters. When used with an oxidizer, they created a propellant that moves the rocket around in space.
  7. Rocketry is a popular hobby in the United States. Many people build kits or build their own rockets from scratch to see how high they can send them. Some homemade rockets are huge!
  8. The first satellite was the Sputnik I, launched by the R-7 ICBM by the Russians in 1957.
  9. The space race in the 60’s was all about using rockets. There was no space shuttle at the time.
  10. The fastest rocket record was set by the Atlas V in 2006. It left the atmosphere traveling 36,000 miles per hour and topped out at 47,000 miles per hour.
  11. Launch rockets are actually several rockets linked together. When one rocket expends all of its fuel, it breaks apart and falls away, making the unit lighter to travel faster.
  12. Rockets are used to blast the space shuttle into orbit as well.
  13. The Delta II is the most dependable rocket we’ve used, launching more than 220 times.
  14. The launch pad that carries rockets to the launch site is the largest vehicle ever constructed. It takes a half hour to travel only 1,800 feet.
  15. Rockets use enormous parachutes to slow their descent when they come back to earth. Some are hundreds of feet wide!
  16. Rocket boosters fall into the ocean when they return to Earth. They can often be reused, but they require extensive repair because of damage from the salt water.
  17. You may have heard of the modern company SpaceX. They are working to make rockets that can be used multiple times, which will make space travel much easier. So far they have managed to land an unmanned rocket back on a launch pad on land, and are working on making it land on a pad at sea.

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