11 Reasons Why Bees Are The Most Unknown Superheroes

You may look at bees and think “Buzz off!” but they are actually some of the coolest creatures around. Order the Surprise Ride Bees Gift Box today and check out these 11 fun facts about bees that will have you thinking they are actually superheroes!

1. Bees are SUPER strong



Bees can withstand forces 30 times greater than gravity when they shake flowers to extract pollen. Talk about superhero strength.

2. They serve as mini “biodetectives”



In Germany’s Düsseldorf International Airport, bees are used as mini “biodetectives” for monitoring local air quality. Researchers have found that by testing the honey of various hives near the airport, they are able to see the types of toxins that exist in the air.

3. Bees can sense the electric fields of many flowers

Dominic Clarke / Via sciencemag.org

Bees use electroreception to figure out which flowers have nectar. This ensures each bee visits flowers that have plenty of nectar left. Also, did you know flowers had electric fields?

4. Bees could fly over Mt. Everest



Alpine honey bees can sustain a hovering flight of roughly 9000m – heights that exceed the height of Mt. Everest.

5. Bees are heavy lifters



Did you know that bees can carry almost half their own weight in pollen?

6. Bees are as smart as Physicists



Bees use the laws of physics to make their special honeycombs hexagonal. Honeycombs begin circular and then surface tension moulds the cells into their hexagonal shape.

7. Honeybees can distinguish between human faces



Scientists have trained bees to select a photo of a specific face by giving them a sugary reward. Once the reward was taken away the bees still identified the correct face nearly 90% of the time.

8. Bees’ wings beat at over 230 strokes per second



That’s what we call fast!

9. Bees can taste with their feet



Bees taste with the mouth, tip of the feet and antennae!

10. They have distinctive personalities and bee-havior



Beekeepers are able to alter the bee-havior and personalities of bee colonies by changing out the colony’s queen bee.

11. Bees are fundamental to ALL our lives



Without their tireless hard work pollinating our flowers, many of the foods and objects we use everyday would not exist. It is estimated that if roughly 30% of the bee population were to disappear, more than half the world’s food supply would be drastically affected.


As seen on buzzfeed.com

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