Welcome to the Ride!

  • We work with experts to curate activities of the highest quality
  • We think of everything for you (like extra paint)
  • Activities are kid tested for hours of fun and learning; perfect for ages 6-11
  • Surprises are kept top secret!

Each Surprise Ride box includes:

  • Checked Bag All the supplies needed to complete projects that explore the month’s theme.
  • Carry-Ons A book, a snack, or other fun surprises to go along with the ride.
  • Travel Guide Our famous Surprise Ride booklet with lessons on the theme, interesting facts, and ways to continue the exploration.

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Explore Some Of Our Past Rides!

Themes are a surprise each month and cover a range of fun subjects for kids to explore.
You can’t select the theme but below are four of our past rides as an example.

Theme: Birdsville

Learn how birds fly

Build and paint a birdhouse to hang outside.

Imagine and sculpt a super hero bird! Learn the basics of birdwatching with real binoculars. Enjoy an inspirational book on birds and a yummy snack!

Theme: Chocolate

Learn what makes a food organic

Make your own all-natural chocolate

Decorate gift boxes with scented markers, stickers, and ribbon to gift your homemade treats. Read the chocolatey classic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” while sampling an organic raw cacao bean.

Theme: Hidden Treasures

Learn about real hidden treasures

Sand and paint a treasure chest to store all your favorite things!

Create a real treasure hunt for family and friends. Assemble a boat that floats. Go on an adventure in the story “Treasure Island” and munch on yummy Pirate’s Booty!

Theme: Mars

Learn about the planet Mars

Experiment with sand that behaves just like Martian soil.

Design a space sand art magnet to hang on your fridge. Use your creativity to imagine a martian out of sticky puffs. Taste real astronatut food!

We also know kids love contests. Send us photos of your creations to [email protected] for a chance to win a special surprise in next month’s box!

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