What to expect?
Every month, you’ll receive a box that includes two activities, a book, a snack, fun extras, and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for ages 6-11.

Ordering for siblings?
Each box is designed for one child. Some families choose to have siblings share while others give each child a box to enjoy!

Gifting the ride?
See our gift options.

Quality Time as a Family

“This small orange and blue box did so much more than entertain and teach my children. It became magical…that box brought all of us together in a way that I can’t even explain.”

– Marvelous Mom
Everything’s Included

“Surprise Ride allowed our family to enjoy time together while learning. It was a fun afternoon, with little planning on the adult side.”

– Delighted Dad
Fun without Technology

“I loved that we were able to spend a whole afternoon exploring together without them ever asking to watch television or play with my phone.”

– Greatest Grandpa
Discover Together

“My daughter’s favorite day is the day her Surprise Ride comes in the mail. She opens the box and a new world is open to her that she gets to discover over and over again.”

– Magical Mom